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Handmade Doll Accessories

One of the fun things you can do for your little girl will be to create some handmade doll accessories from wood. These wooden toys are going to have a very simple approach to them and you should find that they will have her smiling brightly. As you look over these options, keep in mind that as long as you focus on excellent craftsmanship, they can last your child a lifetime and be something that she can pass down.

3 Doll Cradle Plans

Every doll needs a cradle and you will find that this is one of the fun handmade doll accessories that you can make from wood. The plans are designed to give you the ability to create three sizes of the same cradle for your child's dolls. This means that you can have a simple and beautifully handcrafted piece that will seem custom built for their favorite toy.

Best of all, when you get the technique down, you can begin to build these toys from your home and generate some income for yourself. Just make sure that you are using transfer paper in this process to help ensure that you don't damage your original plans.

3 Doll Cradle Plans

3 Doll High Chair Plans

While these can be some of the fun handmade doll accessories you can make, it is important to understand that the plans you find for this design will not be safe for your own children. However, your child will love having a chair for their doll that will allow them to sit together at the dining room table.

With a sturdy construction and the only requirement being basic woodworking skills, you are going to find that you are able to make a lasting impact when you choose to take full advantage of these unique designs for a dolls highchair.

3 Doll High Chair Plans

Bavarian Doll House Plans

When you look at homemade doll accessories, one of the best choices you will find available will be a doll house. These doll houses will not only have a home for your child's toys, but it will also provide them with a series of accessories that they will be able to play with that you can make from hand.

These will include tables, chairs and even a bed with matching nightstand and lamp. Best of all, the plans you will find will help you to define your skills for making smaller cuts and ensuring that you end up creating more precise pieces as well.

Bavarian Doll House Plans

As you can see, these toys are going to be the perfect addition for your home. Take the time to explore all the different options you have and begin to create some handmade doll accessories that your child is going to love. You never know, the skills and crafts that you end up making could lead to a business on the side of children's toys that you will be able to sell and make a profit on down the road as well.

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