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Carpentry Gifts: Wooden Clocks

When you are looking for some unique gifts to make someone, wooden clocks can be an exceptional option. These clocks can be designed by hand and be crafted to match the personality of that special someone. Take a few moments to consider the following gifts that you can make.

Elegant Grandfather Clock Plans

With these simple plans you can create a 77" clock. These plans are designed to have you take high quality pieces of wood and create a clock that is going to really impress those who see it. Areas to focus on include the ornate headpiece and casing design.

While this would require you to have some advanced skills, you are going to find that it will also provide you with the chance to make a great deal of money as well. This wooden clock does have a sophisticated design that is going to leave a lasting impression.

Elegant Grandfather Clock Plans

10 Kids' Clock Plans

Children love to have a series of clocks on their walls. With these plans, you are going to have a chance to create some unique wooden clocks that will truly stand out. As with any of the carpentry gifts that you can create, it will be important that you do keep your focus on the style of clocks that make so they do make that child happy.

For these plans, you can have them wall clocks or if you prefer, you can set them up to sit on a nightstand instead. The options are going to be endless, but they will certainly leave a lasting impression.

10 Kids' Clock Plans

Hummingbird Clock Scrollsaw Pattern

If you are looking for a more ornate piece that is going to really impress those around you, then you will want to consider this wooden clock. With fine details and a design that will require a little skill, you are going to be able to produce a carpentry gift that is going to really make the day of whoever receives it. Best of all, this gift will work at any time of the year from Christmas to Valentine's Day or even Mother's Day, making it a great choice year round.

Hummingbird Clock Scrollsaw Pattern

School House Clock Plan, AFD 173

If you are looking for a simple carpentry gift that you can make, then you will want to consider this School House clock plan. It will offer a very simple design that is going to fit into most homes and offices. You can choose to make it as simple as possible or make some adjustments to create a unique appearance, depending on your preference.

School House Clock Plan, AFD 173

What you need to keep in mind when you are looking over all these different clocks is that each one is going to be filled with a number of benefits. Take your time to explore your options and begin to create a series of gifts that are going to make a gift that will always be remembered. After all, carpentry gifts are handmade and people will often cherish them more than some of the story bought solutions out there.

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