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Carpentry Gifts: Playhouses

There are times when you are looking to create a structure outside for your children that will really make an impression. The playhouses that follow offer a look at some of the more interesting patterns that you can find and build for your child. In fact, several designs are going to be simple to use and with a little inspiration, you will be able to customize these designs to make them one of a kind.

Shed w/ Playhouse Loft Plans

This is going to be a top notch choice when you are considering some of the carpentry gifts that you can create. With these plans you have the chance to build a 12'x12' playhouse that your child is going to be able to spend a considerable amount of time in. Best of all, when your children outgrow this play house, you will have a space that can double for storage as well, making it a lasting option that will have a number of benefits associated with it.

Shed w/ Playhouse Loft Plans

Mountain Cabin Plans

This is considered a luxury choice for your child. In just a few weekends, you are going to be able to create an authentic looking cabin in your backyard that your children will love. The plans include the interior of the cabin as well as a porch that your child will love spending time on as well. This can be one of the best carpentry gifts you can give them or use it as a bonding project that you both can do.

Mountain Cabin Plans

Alpine Playhouse Plans

This Dutch style house is going to be one that you can use to create a number of memories with. Children are going to love the fun features that this pattern lays out and you are going to find that is a customizable project that you are going to have a blast setting up. This plan doesn't require too much woodworking knowledge and you are going to find that it will be one of the best projects that you will have a chance to build.

Alpine Playhouse Plans

Little Red Schoolhouse, Plan No. 619

Made from plywood and using simple plans, you can create this very basic structure in your backyard. The directions are presented in steps that have photographs and diagrams in place that will help to ensure that you are doing it correctly. When it is done, you can slap on some paint and have a building that your children will love. Of course, while this is great for a beginner, the advance woodworker can also take the time to adjust these directions to their needs.

Little Red Schoolhouse, Plan No. 619

Remember, there are going to be plenty of carpentry gifts that you will have a chance to make. Be sure that you take your time to come up with some of the best options out there and end up with a place for your children to play in while they are enjoying the backyard of your home.

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