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Bosch Cordless Combo Kits - Comfort guaranteed!

Bosch Cordless Combo Kits
Professional drilling and driving tasks can be accomplished with Bosch Cordless Combo Kits with potent power and precision. When you think of Bosch, soft sound is what strikes us and Bosch combo kits are no exception. They are more known for their least noise. Along with less noise, if you are on the lookout for a combo kit that would bring in least vibration, the best accuracy, entrapment to catch the dust and matching weight with good balancing power, look no further than a Bosch combo kits.

Bosch Cordless Combo Kits are special as they give the freedom to build the tool set with different combinations - the choice is between 12V, 14.4V, 18V or 24V kits. The tool combination also begins with 2 tools to a maximum of 9 tools in the kits. The larger the tool kit the greater is the benefit of the combination. Bosch's strong point seems to be their durability amongst its peer group. They are also supported by the Tool's Protection plan (3 -year Provantage program ensuring fast up-time and good performance) which comes with a two year battery replacement guarantee.

Technologically, the powerful Lithium-ion packed tools (Max pocket driver or the I-driver) makes it lighter to carry and compactly fits into the pouch. One of the pioneers in the ergonomic study and research, Bosch tools takes care of handles and the gripping surfaces in a comfortable way to achieve convenient control and lessen the vibration. The switches and knobs have excellent positioning. They don't hurt the ears because of inherent cooling fans and air discharge outlets.

The CPK Series

Consider the 18V Nickel Cadmium combo kit with 6 Tools. It has an 18V hammer drill driver working in regular mode and hammer modes (for standard operation, Brute Tough hammer drill/driver works while harder task like masonry demand the use of hammer mode). The other tools include the circular (6-1/2 inch), reciprocating saws are characterized by better adjustment and precision cuts amongst varying thicknesses with a facility with spindle lock facilitating easy blade changes. Bosch's handy jigsaw has a One-Touch blade-change system which is through the patented Clic system helping with increased productivity. Bosch was the forerunner in this technology. The planer is the only cordless type in the market and has a good use in the setting the door edges. The planer helps with a dust bag to clean work.

The flashlight is a must-have to brighten the work places needing attention. The Bosch cordless combination kit also includes recharger, bluecore batteries. The arrangement of cooling rods between battery cells greatly increases the battery life.

The disadvantage seems to be the bag which is not so comfortable after a few times to pack and carry. Also the Blue core batteries do not deliver all the time.

Bosch provides optimum power with good value with the jigsaw and the planer. Be the discerning user to choose the right power needed to remodel, renovate or restore with the right combination since the choice is plenty!

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