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Tool Reviews

Helpful Power Tool and Hand Tool Reviews

These tool reviews will give you valuble information and help in the decision making process of which power tools or hand tools that best fit you and the type of projects you have before buying. Here you will find reviews of just a few of the major manufactures who produce these tools.

* Denotes Tools I Have, and use.

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Miter Saw Reviews

12 Inch DeWalt Miter saws

Bosch Miter Saws

12 Inch Bosch Miter Saws
*10 Inch Bosch Miter Saws

DeWalt Miter Saws

12 Inch DeWalt Miter Saws
*10 Inch DeWalt Miter Saws
8 Half Inch DeWalt Miter saws

Makita Miter Saws

12 Inch Makita Miter Saws
10 Inch Makita Miter Saws
7 Half Inch Makita Miter Saws

Rigid Miter Saws

12 Inch Rigid Miter Saw
10 Inch Rigid-Miter-Saw

Milwaukee Miter Saws

12 Inch Milwaukee Miter Saw
10 Inch Milwaukee Miter Saw

Miter Saw Stands

Makita Miter Saw stands
Bosch Miter Saw Stand
Hitachi Miter Saw Stand
Dewalt Miter Saw Stand
Makita Miter Saw Stand
Ridgid Miter Saw Stand
Skil Miter Saw Stand
Grizzly Miter Saw Stand
Porter Cable Miter Saw Stand
Channellock Miter Saw Stand

Table Saw Reviews

ridgid table saw

*Rigid Table Saws
*Skil Table Saws
Bosch Table Saws
DeWalt Table Saws
Delta Table Saws
Makita Table Saws
Grizzly Table Saws
Black and Decker Table Saws
Jet Table Saws

Cordless Screw Gun Reviews

Milwaukee cordless drills

*Makita Cordless Screw Guns
DeWalt Cordless Screw Guns
Bosch Cordless Screw Guns
*Milwaukee Cordless Screw Guns
Hitachi Cordless Screw Guns
Panasonic Cordless Screw Guns
Skil Cordless Screw Guns
Black and Decker Cordless Screw Guns

Cordless Combo Kit Reviews

DeWalt Cordless Combo Kits
Makita Cordless Combo Kits
*Milwaukee Cordless Combo Kits
*DeWalt Cordless Combo Kits
Hitachi Cordless Combo Kits
Rigid Cordless Combo Kits
Bosch Cordless Combo Kits
Panasonic Cordless Combo Kits
Black and Decker Cordless Combo Kits
Kawasaki Cordless Combo Kits

Circular Saw (Skil Saw) Reviews

Makita Belt Sanders
*Skil Circular Saws
Black and Decker Circular Saws
Bosch Circular Saws
Porter Cable Circular Saws
*DeWalt Circular Saws
*Makita Circular Saws
Milwaukee Circular Saws

Air Compressor Reviews

Finish Carpentry Help
Husky Air Compressor
*Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressors
Kobalt Air Compressor
DeWalt Air Compressor
Bosch Air Compressor
*Hitachi Air Compressor
Senco Air Compressors
Makita Air Compressors
Bostitch Air Compressors
Ingersoll-Rand Air Compressors
More Valuble Information About Air Compressors

Air Compressors Guide You Can Use
Choosing an Air Compressor
Air Compressor Accessories
Cheap Air Compressors

Saber Saw and Jig Saw Reviews

Bosch Jigsaws

*Bosch Jigsaws
Black and Decker Jigsaws
Milwaukee Jigsaws
Skil Jigsaws
Hitachi Jigsaws
Kawasaki Jigsaws
Makita Jigsaws
DeWalt Jigsaws

Sawzall Reviews

Finish Carpentry Help
*Milwaukee Sawzalls
DeWalt Sawzalls
*Makita Sawzalls
Ridgid Sawzalls
Black and Decker Reciprocating Saw
Bosch Reciprocating Saw
Hitachi Reciprocating Saw
Skil Reciprocating Saw

Finish Nail Gun Reviews

Hitachi Nail Guns

*Senco Nail Guns
*Hitachi Nail Guns
*Porter-Cable Nail Guns
*Paslode Nail Guns
Bostitch Nail Guns
DeWalt Nail Guns
Milwaukee Nail Guns
Campbell Hausfeld Nail Guns
Grizzly Nail Guns

Belt Sander Reviews

Makita Belt Sanders
*Bosch Belt Sanders
DeWalt Belt Sanders
*Makita Belt Sanders
Porter-Cable Belt Sanders
Black and Decker Belt Sanders
Ridgid Belt Sanders
Milwaukee Belt Sanders
Skil Belt Sanders

Shop Vacs

DeWalt Wet-Dry Vacuum
Ridgid Wet-Dry Vacuum

Hammer Drill Reviews

Bosch Hammer Drill
Bosch Hammer Drill
DeWalt Hammer Drill
Makita Hammer Drill
Milwaukee Hammer Drill


Porter-Cable Wood Routers
Milwaukee Wood Routers
DeWalt Wood Routers
Porter-Cable Wood Routers
Bosch Wood Routers
Hitachi Wood Routers
Skil Wood Routers

Generator Reviews

Coleman Powermate Generator
All-Power Generators
Briggs & Stratton Generators
Champion Generators
Coleman Powermate Generators
Generac Generators
Homelite Generators
Kipor Generators
Yamaha Generators

Hand Tools and Safety Equipment Etc.

*Stud Finders
*Knee Pads
*Safety Glasses
*Utility Knife
*Kreg, Kreg Pocket Hole Jig
*Dremel, dremel tool
*Carpenter Square

Tool Reviews for this page will be added to frequently with all of the different power tools and hand tools.

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