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About FinishCarpentryHelp.com

My Story - About Me

Hi my name is Pat and thank you very much for visiting my site!
I started the Finishcarpentryhelp website back in December 07 thanks to Site Build It!.

I Like Fishing Too!!

Here is a little back ground about me

I have worked in the building trades for many years. Some of these trades include carpentry, dry wall and taping, spraying ceilings, flooring, roofing, concrete and painting. I have a well understanding of these trades but have always enjoyed finish carpentry the most.

I found that I excelled at finish work and enjoyed teaching people this trade. It seemed only natural to start my own finish carpentry business.

As a well-known finish carpenter in my area I was always getting asked questions on how to do certain aspects of finish work. Hence this website finishcarpentryhelp was born.

Bla Bla Bla....Right??...here's the interesting stuff

Now, I have to apologize as I know my writing is not perfect. Getting my knowledge and experience written down is formidable to say the least but I assure you my carpentry skills (fishing skills...I wish) far outweigh my writing and typing ability...LOL.

How I built this site

I'll keep this short and sweet....I built this site with Site Build It (SBI).

Now I assure you I am no genius, I didn't attend college and frankly a lot of studying is not my forte either. I knew what I wanted and knew it would take work. I wasn't looking for a "get rich quick scheme" neither.

I found SBI and of course like anyone I was hesitant so I did some online detective work (research) and found out this might be what I was looking for.

SBI! Proof

I took the plunge and never looked back....SBI has all the tools and with the video's, forums, SBI coaching and many many helpful people I did it. I'm also not going to lie and say it was easy because it wasn't and I am still learning today.
Now I know this isn't for everybody and you don't have to believe me however it's worth checking out for yourself if you know something, have a passion for something or if you are good at something, jobs, hobbies or interests it doesn't really matter and making money at it is the bonus.

The Big Question

Does Finishcarpentryhelp make money? Yes it does. However like I said it wasn't easy and it wasn't immediate. I am not lucky enough to be able to retire from it (yet) however it is a really good income supplement. The nice thing is it will be here growing for a long long time and over time not only the site ages and grows so does the income.

Now there are tons of site owners out there that are easily making more than $100,000 a year and many more people that earn even more then that.

The point is that money like that is attainable with hard work online and with SBI I will one day be there. With some hard work, you could to.

More About Me

Although being semi-retired from finish carpentry now, I still do smaller easier finish work and concentrate on keeping up this website. Working construction for years has taken its toll on my body and to remain fairly nimble as I get older I needed to slow things down.

These days one of my passions is cooking. It has nothing to do with this site however it is my site and I can do what I want, right?

Well my cooking involves smoking meat. I love smoking food and I do it in several ways however I bought this smoker (Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker) a while back and just absolutely love it. Yep, I bought it from Amazon and WOW!!

Weber Smoker

With all the information from the weber website anyone can smoke anything pretty much problem free a lot like SBI only this isn’t work.

The website for the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker is so detailed it would be hard to screw up whatever your smoking...anyways I am so thrilled with it I just wanted to pass this on.

So if you like smoked food this smoker comes highly recommended by me (and tons of people at amazon)....Oh by the way I had the cheaper smokers before this one (the kind from the big box stores)...no comparison.

Again I thank you for visiting Finishcarpentryhelp, please stop back and have a wonderful day.


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