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Skirt Boards

Finish Carpentery Help

There are many elements to getting your home looking its absolute best, but one of the easiest to do (once you know the secrets :-)) and that has the most impact on the look of your home and your everyday experience in your home is installing high quality skirt boards on your stairs.

In many ways the stairs in a home are much like the connection point between two worlds. There is the private upstairs space where you sleep, cherish your partner, relax in the shower or luxuriate in the bath. Whilst downstairs you have the social space, connection with friends and the place where you relax. And bridging those two worlds is the stairway and the skirts that run along either side.

The stairs are an area that you use more frequently than just about any other space in your home, and so getting it to look its absolute best is not only something that makes practical sense, but also makes a lot of psychological sense, because if it doesn’t feel right then it can lower your spirits.

One way that you can raise your spirits is by fitting skirt boards that perfectly offset the look of your stairs, and which add to the overall impression. And yet most people have no idea how to go about fitting skirt boards, and wouldn’t even have a clue where to start.

Finish Carpentery Help

Let’s be honest. It looks difficult!

If you take a quick glance at the average set of stairs and the skirt boards that run alongside it, then you may be fooled into thinking that you need to be a master craftsman in order to fit them. It looks like there are an abundance of curves and cuts, and it would be easy to reach the conclusion that the only sensible way to proceed would be to send out for a skilled carpenter.

Now, that has its own problems!

For sure, a skilled carpenter COULD fit new skirts on your stairs, but they will charge you a good amount of money to do so, not to mention the inconvenience and worry of having a stranger in your home.

Do you really want to go through all that stress?

Finish Carpentery Help

A better route is actually simply to do it yourself.

Now, this may sound daunting, but the fact is that there are only three things that you need to fit a skirt board that you will not only feel proud to have built, but which will have cost you considerably less to install then going the professional carpenter route:

1/ The materials and a few basic tools (that you almost certainly already have)
2/ A few hours of your time
3/ A guide as to how to do it

And of the three, only the guide has been the stumbling block (until now!)

So, if you want to learn how to fit professional standard skirt boards without any fuss, hassle or security concerns about strangers in your home then read on to find out how.

Finish Carpentery Help