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Woodworking Plans and Projects

Birdhouse Creatures Plans III
Birdhouse Creatures Plans III

Inside everyone is a project waiting to come out. Woodworking plans and projects can be simple using glue and precut wood, or complex requiring miter cuts and routing. Woodworking projects can take only a few hours and use discarded materials such as pallets, while intricate plans for working wood might takes weeks to complete.

Birdhouses and Feeders Plans
Birdhouses and Feeders Plans

Before you Begin

Before starting even a simple woodworking project, read over the plans carefully. Many beginning woodworkers have started a project only to experience delays by failing to read the projects plans thoroughly. After reading the plans, the next step is to gather the required materials. Once the materials are acquired, you are ready to start the project.

Easy Projects

Birdhouses are easy woodworking projects that can be completed by youngsters after the wood has been cut to size. Coffee tables are another easy woodworking project. Hardwood or softwood, routed edges or plain, these types of tables can be sanded and stained one day and joined together the next. Toy chests are easy projects that can be personalized by painting or inscribing a childÂ’s name with a dremel tool.

Fishing Pole Stand Plans
Fishing Pole Stand Plans

Intermediate Projects

As you gain skills, woodworking plans will become easier to read. Gun racks and gun cabinets will require a new skill that is easy to learn once you get the basics down. Hinges and drawers may seem difficult but they are easy woodworking skills that anyone can learn. Picnic tables even octagon shaped can be built in a day once the materials have been purchased. Child sized picnic tables are easily made from materials left over from other projects. Understanding woodworking plans allows the pieces to be properly prepared so that assembly is simple.

Traditional Bunk Bed Plans

Traditional Bunk Bed Plans


Simple woodworking plans and projects include many types of chairs. Adirondack chairs, which are plain chairs with wide armrests that can support beverage cups and plates, are easily made from a few pieces of wood. Woodworking plans are available for beginner, intermediate and advanced woodworkers. Folding camp chairs and even desk and dinner table chairs are easily constructed from woodworking project plans.

Projects for the Yard

There are many woodworking projects and plans for the yard and garden. Wishing wells that can be built in an afternoon can hold potted flowers to provide beauty and decoration for your yard. Porch swings, arbors and flower boxes are a few of the other simple projects for the yard. End tables that sit between Adirondack chairs are a perfect example of how easy one project can lead to another.

8' Arched Lawn Bridge Plans
8' Arched Lawn Bridge Plans


Once you get started, some woodworking projects may end up as family heirlooms. Baby cradles and rocking horses may end up being used by the children of your children. Cedar chests made for a loved one may end up being handed down for generations to come. Simple woodworking plans and projects produce gorgeous long lasting furniture that will stand the test of time. Cherished heirlooms or personalized gifts made by hand can be easily made from woodworking plans and projects. There are hundreds of easy woodworking plans available to help you start new and rewarding hobby.

Rocking Roarer Plans
Rocking Roarer Plans

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