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Kitchen Cabinets

Instructions for Installing Cabinets

Introduction: Installing your Kitchen Cabinets

Many homeowners are looking to save a few dollars anywhere they can when building or remodeling their home. One way that you may want to try is installing your own cabinets. Most homeowners can do it themselves; it is just a matter of getting the proper instruction on how to do it.

Kitchen Cabinets

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That is what we have put together here, some comprehensive instructions for installing your own kitchen cabinets. These instructions are a bit different from others as it is written by professional installers. So you will not only get practical advice you will also get insider's tips and tricks.

What can you hope to learn with these instructions? After reading these instructions you will be able to install your cabinets from start to finish with in depth instructions that have been worded and explained so even a layperson can understand. Here are a few of the topics you see:

  • We will first get you ready to do your installation by showing you exactly what tools you will need to complete the entire job from start to finish.

  • Then you will need to get all of your materials together, for example do you have all the screws you need and in the correct sizes? You will after reading this chapter.

  • Once you have all of the necessary tools and materials gathered you then need to know how you should prepare for the installation process. There are several things to check before you hang a single cabinet.

  • One of the hardest things for the non professional to do when installing kitchen cabinets is figuring out where and how to begin. We will tell you how and where.

  • Once you are prepared we will walk you through the exact steps for hanging uppers and installing your base units. Since we have experience in this trade you will also find out what needs to be done when, notice I said when, you run into oddities when you are installing your kitchen.

    Kitchen Cabinets

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    Some things that you can encounter range from knowing what to do when your walls are out of square as this not only effects the installation process but you are going to need to make some adjustments on your countertops also. So these are important tips we will share with you.

    Then next thing we will show you is how to finish the kitchen. Many times you will see with other books that they forget to tell you what to do to finish off your kitchen so we will also touch on all the finishing steps that help your cabinets look marvelous.

  • These things will include installing crown molding, light rail, and shoe molding. Which, for a small amount of money they make a huge impact on the overall appearance of your kitchen.

  • We will also include tips on how to quickly and easily make a jig to help you make drilling for hardware easy and make the likelihood of you making a mistake far less.

  • Being able to correctly adjust your door openings is crucial to having your kitchen cabinets look complete. Nothing makes a kitchen look worse than doors that are out of adjustment so we will teach you how to do them correctly.

  • Learn how to use caulking, seamfill kits and filler putty to help give you the last finishing touches on your kitchen.

  • I hope you are excited about getting into your cabinet installation project. My suggestions to you would be to read the instructions in its entirety as you can miss important information if you are just glancing through the chapters. You will see the detailed information in each chapter will help your installation process go more smoothly and help you to avoid common mistakes made by homeowners.

    Kitchen Cabinets

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    Once you learn how to install your kitchen cabinetry correctly you can transfer that information to other jobs such as installing new bathroom vanities or perhaps some garage cabinets. With these instructions you will not only get the basics you will get a complete understanding on just what needs to be done to make your kitchen look like professionals installed it while keeping that money in your own pocket.

    Cabinet Sizes Page
    You Should First Know the Standard Kitchen Cabinet Sizes Available.

    Chapter 1

    Installing Your Cabinetry: Getting Your Tools Together

    Chapter 2

    Installing Cabinetry: Getting Your Upper Cabinets Installed

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