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Varieties of Interior Bifold Doors

Interior Bifold Glass Doors, Closet Doors, Bifold Doors

A closet is where interior bifold doors are used most commonly where space is an issue. They are not limited to just the wood versions, if you are stuck with a space issue and want a more dressed up look or just a different look all together check out the interior bifold glass doors.

This space issue may be in a small entry way or a bedroom where the area would not accommodate a traditional swing door efficiently. Typically a closet of this type has a 4, 5 or may be even a 6ft opening. A bifold door works well for this type of application and these doors would come in four sections which makes up one whole closet door.

One side of the door consists of two sections which are connected and fold in the center and vise versa for the other side. So there is a left hand side and a right hand side to these doors. BiFold Door

The Bifold Styles

Interior bifold doors come in all the same styles as the traditional swing doors, they just open a little different and have different hardware. You can get them as hollow core doors and are an inexpensive way to go for interior bifold doors but are still very durable and popular. They are light weight, the easiest to install and still very elegant looking. They also come in the raised panel versions as hollow cores and are still reasonably priced compared to their solid core cousins. The veneer type plywood which make up these doors do come in a few varieties of wood species; Oak, Maple and Mahogany are common and popular but not limited to types of wood veneers available.

Solid Core Versions

You can also get these bifold doors in the solid core version.
These are the more expensive and higher end bifold doors. Solid core Meanins it is solid wood throughout the core of the door. This however does not mean they are one solid piece of wood, it simply means that the core or center of the door is made out of particle board or a type of manufactured wood and sometimes even steel.

These doors are also covered with a veneer like their hollow core door cousins but are designed to be more closely replicated to the all solid wood doors. These doors also come in a variety of wood species and styles.

The most popular that I have installed are the raised 6 panel interior bifold doors although there are different raised panel varieties as well as solid core flush models. Bottom line is these doors come in the same varieties and wood species to match the traditional swing doors in your home to keep a nice uniform look throughout.

interior bifold doors, closet doors, bifold doors

Door Stop Trim Or Not?

When you have made your choice on your interior bifold doors there are a few other things to consider if you plan on doing the installation yourself. You will need to purchase the trim or casing for these doors and also the door stop because usually bifold doors do not come with this trim in the door package.

If money is an issue there are a couple of ways to install these doors which is with the door stop or without, the stop for these doors can be a little expensive. I have done it many times both ways and most of the time the untrained eye won't even notice the difference from having the door stop or not. My preference is with the door stop as it is a cleaner more finished look. Both ways will be explained thoroughly so you can have your choice; with or without the stop.

Benefits Of These Doors

Some benefits of these doors are they look very nice when installed properly and evenly and they work very easily. They open very wide without taking a lot of space and can be used in a few different applications besides just closets. Lets take a look at some other applications.

Interior Bifold doors are not only used as closet doors. They can be used in several different ways. One way is separating rooms which have a large entry with no door like between a kitchen and living room. A lot of times this entry is fairly large and it may take two separate bifold doors to fill the entry. This is easily accomplished because this would actually be 4 smaller doors.

These doors will be attached to a track and will slide on this track for easy opening and closing. Depending on what you prefer or need these types of doors come with the track mounted just at the top or they could have a track at the bottom and top. There are many varieties and most of the time the typical cheaper bifold door will just have the track at the top.

interior bifold doors, closet doors, bifold doors

Other ways these doors are used may be in between a kitchen and pantry or between a kitchen and mud room or laundry room. It is just a matter of ingenuity of where you want a separation or to hide messes or cluttered area's in your home. A lot of times a conventional door just won't work or there is simply not room, this may be a perfect place for a bifold door.

Installing These Doors

These doors are also fairly easy to hang and can be accomplished by the average person with a minimal amount of tools. The most expensive tool you will need is a screw gun although a cheap drill with some drill bits and a hand screw driver will do the job. This is of course only if you are hanging the door without any trim work involved.

If you want the door trimmed out with closet door stop and casing then more tools would be needed. If trimming the door out is planned then you can find instructions here at finish carpentry help. The instructions are written from actual on the job installation and easy to understand and follow as you go through the course of the process. The instructions cover just a basic bifold door being installed in the opening of a closet but the process is similar with the different varieties of interior bifold doors.

The design of bifold doors can be solid, louvered, or a combination of both and as stated earlier to match the other doors throughout the home. They can come in many varieties and it's a matter of choice. So if you want to add beauty and elegance to your home for a minimal cost for other areas other then closets consider looking at interior bifold doors. Currently I am writing the instructions for installing bifold doors and that page can be found here;

installing bifold doors.

Ideas for Small Closet Door Openings

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