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Carpentry Power Tools

Finish Carpentry Power Tools For Your Trim Work Projects

Check out our list of tool reviews before buying that tool Power Tools and Reviews

One of the main carpentry power tools you will be using very frequently is your miter saw. I have used many different brands and have found that as long as the blade is nice and sharp most can do the job just fine. I do prefer and recommend the 10" blade models or bigger for a broader range of use for the investment. My best advice is to stick with the major known brands.

Basically with tools for carpentry or any tools, you get what you pay for. The brands of miter saws I currently have and use are DeWalt and Bosch. All of my power tools consist of the major brands and includes some well known ones like Milwaukee and Makita power tools.

The new miter saws of today have come a long ways in a few short years. They are much quieter and smoother when operating them especially the big name brand tool models.

Some of these different models even have a belt drive incorporated in them and that seems to work really well. If you are in the market for a new miter saw I would recommend running and operating the different models when possible before buying.

A lot of places will allow you to do this and you will be pleasantly surprised at the difference in these models especially if you have been using an older model miter saw.

Miter Saw Tables Or Stand Options

A miter saw table or stand is also nice to have and gives you more control when cutting the longer trim pieces. There are many models and brands to choose from although a set of saw horses and a couple adjustable roller stands and you can make your own.

The type I use and highly recommend is called the sawhelper.No other miter saw stand even compares to its light weight, portability and durability. Well worth the extra money I spent. I am absolutely sure if you purchased one you would agree.

The problem is that you have to do some searching for this product because they are not well marketed and the bigger tool stores and tool outlets do not carry them as of yet. The company that makes this particular miter saw stand is based out of St. Paul MN and again the name of it is "The Sawhelper."

Cordless Power Tool Recommendations

Another tool you will need is a cordless screw gun. This tool is also very handy in many other applications. I would not buy anything smaller than a 14 volt model just because it has so many other uses and the extra power is nice. If you want to get more bang for your buck when buying carpentry power tools I recommend a combo tool kit. For the prices of these tool kits you can't go wrong and then you get some extra power tools such as a sawzall and or a cordless skil saw. They make the batteries so much better now for life, durability and power.

Here is another tip and you heard it before stick with the major brands. I have personally used Milwaukee, Makita, Dewalt, Rigid, most of the major brands and these all performed well.

Sometimes you can find these combo tool kits at some really reasonable prices on the internet. They may be returns or reconditioned but still will perform well. Buyer beware though if you go this route and do your research you will most likely be fine although I have seen some people get burned going this route. Bottom line if you don't get exactly what you want send it back immediately.

For a list of the different brands of cordless combo kits and reviews click Cordless Combo Kits

Other Multi Use Power Tools Necessary

Other carpentry power tools you may need and are also handy to have for other jobs or projects consist of a table saw and a jig saw or saber saw and or a sawzall. Of course the general rule applies here also "you get what you pay for" so don't buy the cheapest. The finish carpentry tools I recommend here (i.e. the major brands) will be more than satisfactory for this application from experience.

You will also need an air compressor. There are many different styles and models to choose from. Again the more expensive ones are better just make sure it is big enough for the job intended. You will of course need some air hoses and accessories but that is all pretty self explanatory and some of these accessories come right with the air compressors.

A good tip; At the end of the job, use that new air compressor to keep the saw dust blown out of your tools, keeping all of your carpentry power tools clean and performing well.

Two Sizes Of Finish Nail Guns

These days the majority of trim work is done with finish nail guns. I use two size finish nail guns for all my trim work. The big finish nail guns shoot 16 gauge nails and the small shoot 18 gauge nails. I do recommend the pnuematic ones as they are quicker and I found more dependable. I trim for a living so of course I have a little more expensive ones. The brands I like are Hitachi and Senco.

All the quality tools for carpentry will be available right here through advertisements and possibly a tool store on this site for your convenience. Also all of these carpentry power tools I am talking about are used mostly for just general trimming or finish carpentry.

If you are doing more specialized finish carpentry or building specialty pieces like cabinetry or furniture wood work, you will need more specialized carpentry power tools. A router might be an example and is actually fun to operate. A router has hundreds of different types of bits and is amazing at what can be accomplished with this power tool when you know how to use it. Another fun tool I like is the different dado blades you can get for the table saws. You do however need a table saw that is powerful and big enough to accommodate these dado blades.

There are all sorts of specialty tools out there, to many for me to talk about here. If you want to see some of these tools in action just watch "Norm Abram" on "The New Yankee Work Shop" on T.V. His show is on the DIY networks.

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