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Adirondack Chair Plans

Most often seen in rural settings Adirondack chair plans are easy to follow and inexpensive to make. Some plans allow the chair to be made from a few pieces of lumber. Today there are plans for folding Adirondack lawn chairs, footrests and double-seated chairs with a shared table attached.

Adjustable Adirondack Value Pack of Plans
Adjustable Adirondack Value Pack of Plans


In the early 1900’s while on vacation in the Adirondack Mountains, Thomas Lee realized that this rustic chair was comfortable and unique. The Muskoka chair, as it was known then, features armrests that are wider at the end. This additional stability allows beverages, plates and other items to be placed on the arms without falling off. Adirondack chairs will last a long time requiring little maintenance.

Adirondack Chair Plans

There are many Adirondack chair plans to choose from. The basic design remains the same but the complexity and the finish provide a wide variety of results. Some build-your-own Adirondack chairs include instructions on how to cut the required pieces from a few larger pieces of lumber. Once the pieces have been cut and finished, the average time to complete one Adirondack chair is an hour. Kits for Adirondack chairs are also available and can be purchased with the wood finished or unfinished. The construction time for finished Adirondack chairs from a kit is the same.

Wood Choices

Building your own Adirondack chair from a plan allows you to choose the type of wood that you want to use. Since these chairs are designed for use outside, the type of wood you use should be considered carefully.


Cedar is the most common as it is almost impervious to insect damage, weather and is durable. A good finish using an outdoor finishing product will increase longevity. Polyurethane is a weather resistant finish that can be used on any wood including pine. Building Adirondack chairs to accent a homes exterior is possible by choosing a wood with a natural color that complements the existing home.

Other Woods

Walnut, Oak or Cypress are just a few of the alternative options. Beginning woodworkers may want to use a less expensive type of wood such as pine and paint the chair with a weather resistant paint. It is important to sand, stain and varnish the pieces prior to construction. This may take up to 48 hours before construction of the chair can begin. This allows each piece to be protected from weather and insect damage.

Adirondack Additions

Once you have found the Adirondack chair that suits your personal preference you may find that you want to build more Adirondack furniture. Tables to sit between chairs, an Adirondack rocking chair, a lounge chair that allows you to stretch out or an Adirondack footrest for those quiet evenings on the porch are just a few of the many additional Adirondack woodworking plans available. Child sized Adirondack chair plans are also available.

Building your own Adirondack furniture is an easy project. Adirondack chair plans are available for every woodworking skill level. Making your own outdoor furniture is a rewarding way to spend a weekend.

Adjustable Adirondack Value Pack of Plans

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