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Bathroom Wainscoting

Bathroom Wainscoting - An Inexpensive Way to Make Your Bathroom Look Stylish

Bathroom wainscoting

Why bathroom wainscoting?

Wainscoting, as you probably already know, is a kind of partial wall paneling used to decorate the lower portion of the wall. The idea of wainscoting goes a long way back in history. The concept of covering the lower portion of the walls with wood was developed to insulate stone rooms and make them warm and comfortable.

Slowly, people started using it for decorative purposes as well. A lot of people these days love to decorate their bathroom walls with wainscoting because it is an inexpensive way to make their bathroom look good without having to spend a lot of money on renovation.

The process of wainscoting

Basically, the process of bathroom wainscoting is very simple - covering the lower portion of your bathroom walls with panels of wood. Your choice of panels, your choice of design, and your choice of paint determine the overall look of the bathroom. When it comes to wainscoting your bathroom, you have quite a few choices. Let us take a look.

Choosing panels for wainscoting in your bathroom

A lot of people usually opt for flat, tongue-and-groove panels for their bathroom, as they give a casual look. Generally, ornately designed panels are used in the living room, bedroom, or the dining room. This, however, need not always be the case. Some people love to give their bathroom a rich look. So, they go for intricately designed panels.

Bathroom wainscoting
Decorative Beadboard Wall Panel, White Finish

Bathroom wainscoting - choosing the right paint color

Usually, the wainscot paneling is painted white and the walls above are painted pale blue or any other soft color to give a relaxing look and feel to the bathroom. Since most people's idea of a bathroom is a place where they can sit in the bathtub, listen to some music, and relax, they usually prefer soothing colors to dark colors. Conversely, some people like to paint the paneling white and paint the walls a dark color for a contrast look. So, the choice of paint color depends on your tastes and preferences.

Plastics PolyMax Wainscot Planks

Bathroom wainscoting
Stone Chair Rail Molding

Bathroom wainscoting
Arizona Tile 6 by 6-Inch

Tips for bathroom wainscoting

1. Make sure you use good quality wood panels for wainscoting your bathroom so that they will remain resistant to warping for a long time. High quality oak wood, for example, is a good choice since it does not harbor bacteria or mildew and looks as good as new for a long time.

2. You can use either glue or wire nails to attach the panels to the walls. However, wire nails are a better option because you can remove the bathroom wainscoting whenever you want, easily.

3. Contrary to what most people think, wainscoting is not just meant for the walls. You can apply it to the ceiling, to the bathtub, cabinet doors, and other such places to give your home a stylish look.

4. You can top the wainscot paneling with a crown molding or a chair rail molding according to your preference.

This wainscoting, like I already mentioned, is the best way to decorate your bathroom without spending a lot of money. So, keep these tips in mind and decorate your bathroom according to your taste and make it look just as stylish as the rest of your home.

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