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Bosch Belt Sanders

Bosch Belt Sanders - Breathe easy with Bosch!!

Finish Carpentry Help
Bosch Belt Sanders at Amazon

Bosch Belt Sanders are the best machines which could be used to sand down wood and other materials for your finishing purposes. This quality product has been the best allies for tradesmen and woodworkers. Bosch has always been known for their quality tools, mainly for their precision and safety features. These belt sanders are a definite value for money.

The belt sander is an electronic tool which consists of encased motor driving a circular belt. The Sandpaper is wrapped in a long strip to fit the belt and is made to overlap the belt tightly throughout the stretch. The belt turns swiftly when the motor is switched on and helps to sand a rough wooden surface. Their use is extended to strip paint from furniture, to scale stains from old wood, smoothen round edges and corners.

Bosch Sanders have the following products in contention - 3''×21'' Variable Speed Belt sander (Model 1274DVS) along with 4"×24'' Variable Speed Belt Sander with two models - 1276 DVS and 1276 D. Their similarities include an easy belt changing system (lever action belt release), good sanding versatility where the sands flush to vertical surfaces, belt tracking adjustment knobs and effective dust bags. The variable speed for dial is a boon for fine finishing at slower speeds and faster removal of the stock at higher speeds. These models can be used for both vertical and horizontal applications. These belt sanders accept sanding frame, stand and fence, making it more versatile and accurate. So along with some wooden work, it can be used for your gardens too.

Let us look into their features individually:

Whereas the 3''×21'' model is used for fine finishing the 4''×24'' model has a rugged design making it suitable for production sanding jobs.

The 3''×21'' model is lightweight (around 7 pounds) and has a compact in-line design for better balance. This model has a removable front handler facilitating close work. The Graphite platen protector pad is a great help and provides cool running and uniform sanding. The 4''×24'' model though heavier in weight (13.5lbs) has magnesium transmission housing which reduces tool weight. The front handle folds away during close work. This model has a steel platen protector pad. The dust intake port is exclusive for this model and allows the use of non-woven belts. The 1276 DVS model additionally has a variable speed dial which matches speed to workpiece and task thereby allowing efficient work.

The only visible drawback of Bosch Belt Sanders is their limited visibility while sanding into tight corners. This drawback hardly matters as against the great overall quality of the product. The implementation of a variable-speed dial built into the trigger switch, makes adjusting the belt speed quicker and a whole lot convenient.

It's a great package overall and when sufficient accessories are added, this well-engineered product will turn into a versatile power tool. Their great ease of operation, portability, ergonomic design, less noise make these belt sanders the best pick you can opt for.

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