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Bostitch Nail Guns

Bostitch Nail Guns - Value For The Money

Bostitch Nail Guns

Bostitch Nail Guns at Amazon

Bostitch Power tools company which is more famously known as Stanley & Bostitch are ace leaders in manufacturing top class power tools for home and professional use. The firm which was originally called 'Boston Wire Stitcher Company' was later bought by Britain based Stanley Works and are now successfully collaborated becoming one of the contemporary power tool producing giants. Bostitch Nail Guns are one of their many products which have a broad clientele base.

Stanley & Bostitch produce an appreciable variety of nail guns like the straight finish nail gun, the coil roofing nail gun, strap shot metal connector nail gun, etc to mention a few of them . They also have nail gun kits which come with assortments like a few variety of nail heads, compressor, etc.

Most customers are lured to buy these nail guns for their utterly competitive price range. Bostitch is especially renowned for their palm nail gun which can drive any sized nail right straight into the wood giving it an edge over the framing nail gun. The nail shot occurs as quickly as a lightning, keeping up the same good performance in any angle even in acutely constrained spaces. The loudness of the tool can be compared to the purring of a kitten. The speed and power of Stanley & Botstitch nail guns are only moderate since it is very much dependent on the wood that is involved. Works fine if the wood is soft but beware if it is bare wood most of your nails will have a problem getting in straight. The apparatus has to be constantly checked for the nail and the nail gun being exactly along the same axis.

The "How to use" booklet seems to be the biggest blunder that Stanley & Bostitch Nailers have ever made (even worse than all the above put together!!). Not a single instruction is straight or to the point. Even one of the simplest procedure like changing the nail tips is described in such a complicated manner that a new user will surely be left with blinking stars and chirping birds revolving around his head when he reads it. Not even basic and emergency instructions like the ones for trouble shooting are described properly.

These nail guns get drained rapidly while driving in screwed nails. Must also mention that the magnet is too weak, thus having a bad grip on the nails which can get bent if this is not frequently checked and replaced. Most Stanley & Bostitch nail gun models come with thick leather handle which looks 'out of place' making it one popular crib of most customers. The nail adapter supplied with the tool is suitable only for a limited size and a few specific models of nails and sucks your energy totally out when you attempt to remove it.

Bostitch is surely the answer for an economical power tool investment, but if you are looking for real high quality power tools, keep your research on.

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