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Cabinet Crown Molding

Cabinet Crown Molding Cabinet Crown Molding

Helpful Cabinet Crown Molding Tips

Installing your own cabinet crown molding is a difficult project if you have never done it before. What we have on this page are a few simple tips and/or tricks to assist you in the installation process.

You are going to find that my tips and tricks will prove helpful and save you some time, a bit of effort and a good bit of money. I have been a carpenter for some time now and I know the challenges you will face in this task. I have run across all of them and I know how to get around them as well.

Tips for Your Next Installation

Take care to ensure you perfectly match the cut angles of both adjacent pieces. This gives a seamless appearance to the installed cabinet crown molding in your home.

Assess the corners you will be working with. Are they inside or outside corners? This makes a difference in your overall approach and technique. The corners can be the trickiest of all and does require precision when marking and cutting. Crown moulding is expensive and it is very easy to make mistakes.

Be sure you have measured correctly and allow for any variables that could arise. Don’t just run off to the store and buy everything exactly the length you measured.

After you have the measurements for what you need, consider the lengths you will be putting up and keep these lengths in mind while you are buying the crown. This tip is important and will considerably reduce the amount of waste and save you money.

Consider the type and size of the crown mouldings. Some have a lower profile than others. Some have garnishments that add to the overall size of the molding. Consider all of this when assessing and planning the job.

It is vitally important to properly secure the moulding to the cabinets. Using glue at the corners and even nailing the corners together is advisable. Then nailing the crown molding every so often making sure the nails are holding and the molding is secure.

Watch How You Cut Your Molding

Many DIYers make the mistake of cutting the molding first, then adapting it to fit afterwards. Measure, then cut, folks, to avoid problems with fit and form.The optimum way is to achieve uniform mitered cuts at the correct angles for the corner joints.

NOTE: Precise measuring is very important and this is how I do it:
  • I would hold the uncut crown molding in place where it will be installed and pencil mark it for the next cut.
  • Always work your last corner or starting point and when you have it perfect (without being nailed yet) and holding the crown in place pencil mark your next cut.

  • This type of measuring is quite common in finish carpentry because of the need for very precise accuracy.

    Doing this alleviates a number of problems that arise here. Unsightly spaces, gaps or openings that do not look natural to name a few.

    You will discover that there are several different ways to install the cabinet crown molding. Take a few minutes and review these before you start the installation process. In my many years of experience, planning is the key to success.

    Map out your entire project and know where you will start, where you will finish and how you want the finished job to look. Always have a plan; never just rip into the job and hope for the best.

    When you do start the installation, take your time. Do it right and do it well. Remember that the finished presentation is the most important thing.

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