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Cheap Interior Doors

In this present economy, saving money is what it’s all about.

For the diy'er or carpenter, that means low cost, quality materials such as cheap interior doors.

I want to note here that when the word “cheap” is used, it is not referring to cheaply made doors;

rather we are referring to quality interior doors at cheap prices. Do NOT confuse the two as they are not interchangeable.

It is possible to locate and purchase cheap interior doors at a variety of places. Since a carpenter is usually purchasing material for a quick local job, shopping online is out of the question for obvious reasons. So he will need to go to a home improvement center and find the door that is the right size, right style and at the right price. This is especially true when working on quoted jobs and time is of the essence.

First, decide on the type of door you will need. Your choices are simple:
  • Solid wood
  • solid core or
  • hollow core
  • Does the door need to be finished?
  • Will the door be painted or stained?
  • Should I buy pre-hung cheap interior doors or just the doors themselves?

  • Most of these questions will answer themselves quite easily. For instance, if you are replacing a hollow core door, the choice is clear or you will need to examine the door frame for fastener strength. If you are replacing a solid core or all wood door, you can go either way; a matter of semantics and personal preference.

    Cheap interior doors can be purchased either finished or unfinished. Take a look at the existing wood work and decide if you will prime and paint or stain the door. Most times, you can find a close enough pre-finished interior door and avoid the extra work. After all, time saved is money in the bank, right?

    Replacing Doors

    We mentioned before about replacing a hollow core door with a solid wood or solid core variety. The difference is very plain and will present itself to any experienced carpenter. Hollow core units are very light in weight and the frame only needs to be nailed in place.

    ON the other hand, solid core/wood doors are heavier and require the frame to be securely screwed in place. That is the main reason for inspection to replace a lighter unit with a heavier one. It may need to be secured better with screws.

    Blemished Doors

    Interior doors can be found in any variety. One extra thing to consider is an “irregular” or “blemished” door. This can take the cost of the door down considerably, so you may be able to install a solid core/wood door cost effectively. Your customer will love it and you will save the cash in the end. If the door IS blemished or marked in some way, an experienced carpenter can work that out easily.

    Maybe sand the blemish away; especially in the case of unfinished doors where a coat of paint or dark stain acts as a concealer. This is not dishonest or shady, either. Actually, it is good business management on your part.

    The bottom line is this:
    Cheap interior doors can be found if you know what and where to look and plan your job in advance of starting the work.

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