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Cheap Prehung Interior Doors

Where can you find cheap prehung interior doors?

That is probably the question you are asking yourself as you contemplate replacing an interior door in your home. Prehung doors are sold already in a frame or door jamb assembly. All you need to do is install the frame into the existing portal and level it off. Sounds simple and it is, but you need to know IF a prehung door is your best choice, so take these things into consideration.

Here is an example of a hollow core, oak flush interior pre hung door
This is a relatively cheap but nice looking door. Watch for these at the big box stores in the scratch and dent sections for some tremendous buys.

Cheap Prehung Interior Doors, interior prehung doors
Cheap Prehung Interior Doors, interior prehung doors

“Cheap” meaning good prehung doors at low prices

Prehung doors are the choice when the interior door needs replaced and the existing frame is damaged or needs replacing. If that frame is in good shape, you might get away with a slab door; if not, then cheap prehung interior doors are your animal. I need to note that when we say “cheap”, we do not mean cheaply made or low quality doors. “Cheap” means good prehung doors at low prices. That being said, let’s carry on.

Hollow Core Doors

First, the price of the prehung door will depend on the type of door you are looking for. By far, the cheapest ones are called hollow core doors. These are a wood door that has a hollow center. In other words, hollow core doors are not solid all the way through, hence are very lightweight. Great for closets, pantries and bedroom doors where security is not a high priority.

solid core doors

The next step up would be solid wood prehung doors. When discussing cheap prehung doors, solid core doors are probably the best choice. Solid core interior doors provide security, additional soundproofing and will usually last a longer time after installation. It is suggested that you install prehung solid doors so that the frame and jambs are sturdy enough to support the weight of the door itself. There are other options available as well, as we will see shortly.

swinging Type Door - Sliding Doors

Cheap prehung doors are always a swinging type door. Sliding doors do not require a frame (of sorts) and so are not considered as prehung. Sliding doors come with their own hardware and sliding mechanisms for installation. Swinging door styles include French doors, swinging double doors, panel doors or flush doors. All swinging doors need a sturdy, level frame to operate properly.

Shopping For Cheap Doors

When you go shopping for cheap prehung interior doors, take the room’s character into consideration and inspect the frame and jambs. Nine times out of ten, an interior door will probably need a frame based on use and other factors. It is suggested that you go for a prehung door, as there are things you may not see on the exterior of the frame, like rotted wood, splits or cracks and frame separation at the outside corners.

Opting for a cheap prehung interior door will guarantee you get a good framework and a longer lasting installation. As we said earlier, do not confuse cheap prehung doors with low priced doors; there is a difference. Cheap prehung interior doors are just more affordable; not low quality.

Do a little shopping around and you will find the door you need quicker and at a better price than you thought possible.

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