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Clock Plans

Building Clocks

Simply Stated Shaker Clock - Paper Plan
Simply Stated Shaker Clock - Paper Plan

With so many clock plans from which to choose, the woodworking hobbyist may spend more time deciding what to build than actually building! Making your own clock case can be fun and rewarding. If you’re a beginner woodworker, a simple clock design is a great way to improve your skills. Advanced woodworkers will find plenty of challenge in designs that are more complex. Even those who have never touched any woodworking project will discover how much fun woodworking can be. You’ll get plenty of help from various Internet woodworking sites, which give away or sell plans for all types of clocks.

Uses for Your Clock

Selecting a plan has to start with an idea of what kind of clock you’d like to build. The first decision may be to decide where you plan to display your clock. What function will it have? Some clocks are strictly functional, with simple cases. Others will take a place of honor on the mantel or in the entranceway. You may want a clock for the kitchen or a child’s room. Maybe you’d like to build a novelty clock to liven up your garage workshop or as a one-of-a-kind gift.

How Challenging

It’s easy to become excited and pick a plan that may not match your skill level. If you’re an expert woodworker, you might want to try your hand on a grandfather clock case. If you’re a novice or intermediate woodworker, you may want spend extra time reviewing the details on the plan before starting. By selecting the right plan that matches or slightly challenges your skills, you’ll create a project of which you can be proud and will have improved your woodworking skills in the process.

Grandfather Tall Clock Case - Expert -585
Grandfather Tall Clock Case - Expert -585
Stately Grandfather Clock Plans
Stately Grandfather Clock
Free Plans

There are plenty of free clock plans to be found on the Internet. Free is always a great place to start, as you may find just the plan you’re looking for. There’s so much great information here on the net that you could easily spend all day just exploring! There’s some sites with no cost or membership and they are updated regularly.

Buy a Plan

There are also plenty of excellent sources listing clock plans at reasonable prices. CIDwoodworking.com stands for “Crafted Images & Design” and has several expert level Grandfather tall clock designs, which start at $14.40.

www.cidwoodworking.com - Grandfather Tall Clock Case - Expert -585

This woodworker’s website groups many of its plans by level of difficulty, which is a nice search feature. CIDwoodworking.com has been featured by Fine Woodworking Magazine as having a “Mother Load of Woodworking Plans”, which is no exaggeration. CIDwoodworking.com plans are all guaranteed to have clear and concise directions or they will gladly give you a refund on your purchase.

Get Creative

With so many clock plans to choose from, you’ll have no trouble flexing your creative muscles. A clock is a fun and functional woodworking project for any woodworker or anyone thinking of joining this fast-growing hobby.

Jumping Fish Scrolled Clocks
Jumping Fish Scrolled Clocks

Mini Clocks Pattern Set 5
Mini Clocks Pattern Set 5

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