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Cordless Screw Gun

How To Pick Your Perfect Cordless Screw Gun Or Cordless Drill

For a list of the different brands of screw guns and reviews click Screw Guns or Cordless Drills

A cordless screw gun, or drill, is an essential part of the armory of any self respecting do-it-yourselfer. Whether you are merely the potter-around-the-house-fixing things kind of person, or the seriously-into-remodeling-and-power-tools sort of homeowner, you really cannot begin to do anything in the handy jobs line without a screw gun. And the best kind of screw gun or drill, at least for people who prefer unencumbered movement, is the cordless screw gun.

As with most cordless equipment, a screw gun is a lot lighter and a lot more ergonomic than its powered counterpart. Weighing in at around the 5 lb mark, this tool is perfect for remodeling, especially in places where the electric power supply may not be reliable or available, or where freedom of movement is of the essence.

Not having to be tied to a power point can make life much easier for the handyman, after all, not to mention the convenience of not having to carry around an extra weight.

Most cordless drills or screw guns give you the option of adding extra equipment and accessories for convenience. Many kinds of bits, rasps, drivers, etc can be attached to increase the overall utility of the tool.

The only downside of accessories can be that they increase the weight of the drill, cutting down one of the biggest advantages of the cordless screw gun, which is its lighter weight. However, you can get yourself an attachment that allows you to carry your drill on your toolbelt.

There are a number of companies manufacturing and selling screw guns, and it takes some looking around and some comparison shopping for the average do-it-yourself enthusiast to find the best screw gun for their needs. Here's a list of some possible options.

  • The Panasonic 12V Drill Driver and cordless screw gun scores well in the area of power, with most users, as well as for durability, weight, speed, battery life, and other features. It's in the top 5 in its class for power and run-time, and has been given as much as 4.7 out of 5 stars by most users.

  • The DeWalt 12V Drill Driver scores high marks for power, features, and weight, as well as durability and speed. Battery life isn't great, however. Among the top 5 in its class for speed, it is often rated 5 out of 5 by users.

  • The Makita 18V Drill Driver scores well for power, speed, weight and features. Battery life is lacking here too. Also in the top 5 for compactness, it is light-weight and has a good power-to-weight ratio. The drill comes with a 3-year drill warranty. It has been rated 4.4 out of 5 by users.

  • The DeWalt 14.4V Drill Driver and cordless screw gun scores high for durability, features, and speed, and quite well for power, weight, and battery life. Among the top 5 in its class for speed, it is rated at 4.7 out of 5 by users.

  • A little time spent on looking around and finding out about screw guns is an essential investment you need to make in order to buy the right tool for you.

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