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Decorative Crown Molding

Decorative crown molding is now available at an affordable cost. Once only found in luxury estates, crown molding was carved by hand from wood or gypsum. Today, polyurethane resins and Styrofoam allows crown molding to be made in a wide variety of patterns. Installing polyurethane crown molding is easy and affordable.

Molding Widths

Traditional decorative crown molding was wide and very heavy. Traditional crown molding required strong structural supports. The new lightweight crown molding allows any width of crown molding to be installed in any home. Decorative crown molding is available in widths ranging from three inches to over a foot. The wider the molding is, the more ornately carved it can be. Greek fresco, medieval medallions and even simple geometric carvings can transform any room into a work of art. Crown molding is available for both interior and exterior use.


Polyurethane decorative crown molding is less rigid than traditional crown molding. Cracks, splinters and bowing are eliminated when installing these types of crown molding. Adhesives are used to secure the molding to the walls and ceilings and eliminate the concern of replacing splintered or cracked pieces that may occur when crown molding is nailed in place. The ability of this type of molding to flex allows it to be installed on curved and arched surfaces. This feature alone opens many avenues for artistic display and remodeling. When installing crown molding on the exterior of a house, flexibility can be very important. Uneven surfaces and un-level foundations are easily overcome because of the easy installation of flexible crown molding.

Easy Installation

Remodeling a room with crown molding requires few woodworking skills. Pre-fabricated molding strips allow easy installation even for beginners. Special corner pieces eliminate the need for special angled cuts and precise measurements. Most crown-molding strips are eight feet in length. When installing crown molding in a room with longer walls consider adding a pilaster where two seams will meet. These ornately carved pieces are designed to be placed in the middle or spaced at regular intervals along the wall between the crown molding strips. Special corner pieces allow irregular end cuts to be hidden. With the elimination of tedious measurements and special angled cuts, the time required to install crown molding is reduced.

Additional Molding Alternatives

Many times the transformation in a room that has had decorative crown molding installed is amazing. When using decorative crown molding on the exterior of a home, the addition of a full or half column can add a touch of old world tradition. Ceiling medallions are also available in all types of patterns. Usually these medallions are placed around a ceiling light fixture or fan. Painting these medallions or staining them to match the current d├ęcor or as an accent adds an additional inexpensive touch. These medallions can also be painted by hand bringing out the details of the ornate carvings.


There are many decorative crown-molding kits available. These kits include all the necessary items required to complete the installation. Customers provide the room dimensions, and then choose the type of crown molding and any accessories such as pilasters and medallions they may wish to include. The company then places these items together with instructions, adhesives, sandpaper and any other items necessary to produce a professional finish. Paint and stain are not included. It is recommended that all crown molding be painted or stained before installation. This eliminates the need to touch up ceiling or wall paint.

Decorative crown molding will allow a room to be transformed in one weekend. The lightweight, easy to use materials ensure that even a novice will produce professional looking results.

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