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Desk Plans

With all the desk plans available, any beginner to expert woodworker can easily build just the right desk. The right desk can make it easy to stay organized and bring beauty to a home office or child’s room. If you’re unhappy with your current desk or want a new one, why not build your own instead. Building a desk is a fun, challenging and practical woodworking project. By building your own desk, you can make one that’s exactly what you need.

Child's Play Desk - Expert -678
Child's Play Desk - Expert -678

Pick a Style

There are many different desk styles. When you’re looking for desk plans, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices! Computer desks have become the most popular over the past 10 years. Maybe you’d like a classic roll top desk or how about a computer desk with a roll top? A pedestal desk is a classical design that doesn't take up a lot of floor space. Decide what style of desk you’d like to narrow your list.

Child's Play Desk - Intermediate -679
Child's Play Desk - Intermediate -679

Pick a Room

In which room will your new desk be placed? A kitchen desk is a great place to keep recipes or pay bills. Kid’s desks are also popular and fun to make. Children love drawers and cubbyholes, and a child’s desk can be an excellent way to teach children organizational skills. There are even hanging wall desks that are perfect for those tight spaces in a hallway or in the kitchen. An office desk can be elaborate and large or sleek and efficient. Be sure to measure the area where you’ll be putting your finished desk to ensure it’s not too big or too small.

Free Plans

Woodworkersworkshop.com is a free search engine, which caters to woodworkers of all levels. Here you can find plenty of free plans for a variety of desks. This site is perfect for the woodworker who doesn’t want to spend too much time looking free desk plans. There’s also links for just about anything a woodworker wants to know. A quick way to search free plans is to use the search box at the top of the page to get a list of available plans. Here’s a sample:


Plans for Purchase

You’ll find some very reasonably priced plans for desks at CIDWoodworking.com. This web site has beginner to expert plans that run as low as $7.11. A lap desk is an easy beginner project.

Vermont Lap Desk - Beginner   - DG-211
Vermont Lap Desk - Beginner - DG-211

CIDWoodworking.com stands by the quality of its plans and personally builds each plan before offering it for sale. You can search by plan type or browse the categories of plans grouped by ability level. Another great woodworking company is Woodcraftplans.com. This friendly web site has children’s desks, Captain’s writing desks and corner desks, to name a few. Maybe you’d like to build a versatile drop front desk like this:

Drop Front Desk Plans
Drop Front Desk

guarantees all its plans and has a customer support line for those questions that may come up during your project.

Building your own desk is a woodworking project that will be enjoyable and rewarding. Sharpen up your saws and pick one of the many desk plans that will help you build a desk of your dreams.

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