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Door Parts and Replaceable Parts of A Door

Door Knobs

After your interior door is installed, you may need to purchase door parts along the way. Some of the parts of a door are replaceable, like the lockset, hinges or doorknob. Now there are many styles available in these areas and no choice is a wrong choice. It just helps to know that there are choices to be made, so the hope here is to help you make them intelligently.

Most interior doors are sold with the doorframe attached as an assembly. That frame is called a doorjamb and is always made of wood. The frame and jambs support the door and assist in getting the whole thing installed so it is level and opens correctly and smoothly. Once the doorjamb is positioned and leveled, it is securely fastened to the building structure with nails and screws.


On one side of the jamb, the door is attached by hinges, which make it possible to swing the door open and closed. Now the hinges are one of the door parts that can be replaced at will. Hinges have two main metal parts that are joined by a pin that runs through both halves simultaneously. All it takes is to remove the pin and a few screws and the hinge is off the door.

Door Hinges
Door hinges can be purchased in many varieties. There is piano hinge that is purchased in lengths and cut as needed. Then there are hinges made especially for interior door purposes. These are made of brass most times, but can be steel or other types of metals. Hinges can be plain, decorative or very ornate for the applications where the hinges are placed on the outside of the door.

Locksets And Door Knobs

Another of the replaceable parts of a door is the lockset. Locksets are attached to the door and have a mechanism that engages the knob side of the jamb. Like hinges, locksets are available in many types and varieties. For use with interior doors, locksets can be locking or non-locking. The main part of a lockset is the knob or lever that is used to open or close the door.

Locking sets are good for where privacy is needed like a bathroom or bedroom. For doors that simply divide interior rooms, a non-locking set is fine. The other end of these door parts are the knobs or levers. Many choices abound here and it is only a matter of preference or appearances.

There are door levers that are available in finishes from bright and shiny to brushed and conservative. Metals like nickel and brass are available. Then there are knobs and these door parts are truly diverse in design and appearance. Doorknobs can be metal, glass or even crystal. Whatever the case, the door parts you need are obtainable easily.

Door Viewer (Peep-Hole)

Additional parts of door are available as well, like peep holes or deadbolts. These are typically not used for interior doors, but you may come across that certain client that requires one. Peepholes are one of those door parts that are basic across the spectrum. Deadbolts can be purchased depending on the engagement needed with the frame or jamb.

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