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Gun Cabinet Plans

There is a wide variety of gun cabinet plans available for sports and woodworking enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re an experienced or beginner woodworker, building a gun display cabinet can be a rewarding experience. A secure gun cabinet also ensures that guns are safe and kept out of the hands of children. Building your own gun cabinet lets you pick just the right design that meets all your needs.

Large 8 Gun Cabinet Plans
Large 8 Gun Cabinet

Selecting a design

The first step is to decide what kind of design you need. You may wish to have a freestanding cabinet that has glass front doors and storage cabinets. Some cabinets allow for both rifle and handgun storage and can be quite elaborate. Other gun cabinets can be a simple wall-mounted rack. Think about what type of design meets your needs so that you’ll know exactly what kind of plan to look for.

Bookcase / Gun Cabinet Plans
Bookcase / Gun Cabinet

Size of the cabinet

You’ll also want to decide how many guns you’ll need to store in your cabinet. This will help you focus on the size of the cabinet you’ll be building. It’s a good idea to consider if you’ll need a cabinet that has extra space for any additional guns you may purchase in the future.

Where to find Plans

There are an almost endless number of woodworking web sites selling plans for very reasonable prices. Below are a few of the web sites you may wish to explore when starting your search.

Locking Seven-Barrel Case

Woodcraftplans.com sells a plan for a seven-barrel display case with glass panels and cabinets that lock securely. The plan sells for $10.00 and lists everything you’ll need for the project as well as photographs for reference.

7 Barrel Gun Cabinet Plans
7 Barrel Gun Cabinet

5 Barrel Gun Cabinet

Another attractive and inexpensive case plan is offered by ww.woodcraftplans.com. Early American style gun cabinet will hold five barrels and protect them from dust and unauthorized handling behind a locked glass door. The lower drawer is for shells and accessories and also locks for safety. An attractive, well-designed cabinet. An ambitious woodworker might outfit it for fishing rods or other sports items. Detailed section illustrations make this an easy to follow project. This plan sells for $12.00.

5 Barrel Gun Cabinet Plans
5 Barrel Gun Cabinet Freestanding Gun Cabinet

CID Woodworking has several freestanding gun cabinet plans of varying complexity and design. This site has plans for intermediate to expert woodworkers and sells plans for cases housing up to eight guns. Prices start at $12.60 for simple case, $15.00 for lighted cabinets and $21.39 for corner cases. All plans provide detailed drawings, parts list and instructions. For a look at their eight gun case check out

Lighted 8 Gun Cabinet - Intermediate -488
Lighted 8 Gun Cabinet - Intermediate -488

As you can see, there are a number of gun cabinet plans from which to choose. Take your time making your selection and you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful and functional piece of woodcraft.

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