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Hanging Interior Doors

Getting Started Hanging Doors

If you are considering hanging interior doors in your home, there are a few things to take under advisement. To help you, the do-it-yourselfer, be more successful, I have put together a small list of those things. If you do the homework (no pun intended), the job can be rewarding, a bit simpler to get done and look nice when it’s all done.

First, you need to decide on the type of door you want in your house.

This choice can alter the look of the entire room or transform it, whichever is you focus. Interior doors can be purchased in three distinct types; hollow core doors, solid core doors or all wood doors. The differences are subtle, but mean a lot in the end.

Hollow core doors are light weight and have no core to them as they are essentially hollow inside. Solid core doors have an interior core of either metal or other material and are somewhat heavier than hollow doors. The outside of these doors is a thin sheen of wood over that core. Typically a little heavier and tougher to install on your own with no help. All wood doors are the top of the line and cost the most, but they do afford you a beautiful, natural look and feel.

Next, when hanging interior doors,

you need to select the style of door. This is where your personal taste and flavor can shine through. Interior doors can range from the basic slab door to the very ornate Colonial style. Opt for a two, four or six panel style for the right look for your interior room.

Now you have the style and type all sorted out, it is time to figure out if you need just the door or a pre-hung interior door. Check out the existing frame for cracks or other damage. If you need the frame as well, I would suggest a pre-hung door. If the frame is in good shape, just get the door alone. However getting just the door will still involve some work and some special tools to get the hinge areas routered out in exactly the right place and drilling out the holes for the door knob hardware. Getting all the hardware mounted precisely in place is going to be some work.


If replacing a hollow door, get another hollow door as the frames are only nailed in place. This will not support a heavier door. Should you want to put a solid or all wood door there, refasten the frame with screws, becareful doing this as driving these screws in can easily tweek the frame out of adjustment.

In the act of hanging interior doors, always be sure to measure the existing door first. This ensures you get the proper size door for that spot. If it drags a bit, you can always adjust the hinges a bit or cut off the bottom, whichever suits you better. Should you need to make a cut like that, it is very simple.

Cutting an interior door down

Lay the door on a table or, preferably, a set of saw horses. We’ll say you need to take ½” off the bottom for this example. Use a T-square and make two pencil marks at ½” as close to each side of the door as possible. Then get your straight edge and connect the two marks with a straight line. Lay a piece of masking tape along that line and use your saw. The tape helps stop any splintering.

Instructions for installing interior doors.

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