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How to Build a Birdhouse

Once the right plans and materials have been located, learning how to build a birdhouse is easy. Small projects like birdhouses are an easy way to become familiar with the principles of woodworking. Woodworking is a rewarding hobby that allows anyone to make items that may become family treasures for generations to enjoy.

Birdhouse Plans

27 Birdhouses and Feeders Plans
27 Birdhouses and Feeders Plans

The key to a woodworking projects success are plans. Without a good plan, even simple projects like how to build a birdhouse will be difficult. A good woodworking plan will have step-by-step instructions that are easy to understand. There will be a materials list included so that all the necessary items can be purchased or located prior to beginning the project.

There are many types of birdhouse plans. Many build-your-own-birdhouse-plans are beginner projects requiring only a few hours to complete. A good woodworking plan will also provide tips for proper assembly, finishing options and ways to add personalized additions.

Before you start any project, especially woodworking projects, it is important to thoroughly read the instructions. Understanding what materials will be required, and if any additional time will be needed, such as time for adhesives to dry, will prevent frustration while constructing the project.

Birdhouse Kits

Easy woodworking projects including how to build a birdhouse and bat houses can be purchased as kits. Many build your own birdhouse kits come with pre-cut wood and instructions. These kits may not include nails, glue or other hardware such as hinges or hangers. These items can be purchased locally.

Woodworking kits eliminate the need for specialty tools that may not be on hand. Hammers and screwdrivers are found in many homes that might not have miter saws, jigsaws and routers. Birdhouse kits are an easy way to become familiar with the principles of woodworking without purchasing expensive woodworking equipment. Building birdhouses is a project that older children and teenagers can complete in an afternoon especially if they are using birdhouse kits. Below are a few plans of the many out there.

Bird House - Beginner - DG-30
Rustic Bird House - Beginner - DG-168
Barn Birdhouse and Feeder
Birdhouse Village Plans
Birdhouses and Feeders Plans
Bird house plans - build this log cabin birdhouse with your kids


Once you have learned how to build a birdhouse you might want to change the finish. Sanding the wood before you start to assemble any woodworking project will prevent frustration later. Smaller pieces and joints are hard to sand once the project is assembled. If the project is to be stained and varnished it is important to do so before you start to construct the birdhouse. This adds a professional look to the project.

Make it Yours

Personalization including the addition of names, will add a special touch to any project. With a dremel tool or wood burning stylus, names or designs can be added prior to staining. Be sure to sand the edges to allow smooth application of the stain, varnish or paint. Etched designs or names can also be painted or stained a contrasting color that will make the words or designs stand out.

How to build a birdhouse is an easy quick woodworking project that will introduce the joys of woodworking to children and adults. Enjoying the sound of the birds in their new home will add enjoyment for years to come.

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