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Inexpensive interior Doors

Putting in a new interior door does not have to be a cost nightmare for you.

Inexpensive interior doors are all over the place; IF you know what to look for, that is. We have found several types of doors that can be bought and installed at an affordable price. These are quality doors at prices that are affordable on any budget or job cost restraints.

When we say inexpensive interior doors, that does not mean these are cheap doors. Inexpensive means cost effective with quality construction. The three types of interior doors we have come across are hollow core, solid core and solid wood. The differences are listed below for you.

Hollow core interior doors are a door that has an exterior wood covering with a hollow core. It is hollow for the most part, hence the name hollow core. This type of door is very light, yet extremely durable and easy to hang. Hollow core doors can be purchased either separately or prehung. Prehung doors have the door frame(jamb) already intact and ready for placement.

If your frame is in good order, you want to just get the door, attach the hinges and save a few bucks, refer to this page for more on slab doors. This isn't as easy as you may think.

Hollow core doors are the most inexpensive interior doors available. They come in finished or unfinished varieties. Paint or stain to match the home décor. They are also lightweight and provide acceptable sound proofing once they are in place. You can install these in place of a solid wood or solid core door.

Another variety of inexpensive interior doors are solid core doors. A close cousin of the hollow core variety, these have a core inside. The core can be steel, metal or one of several other materials. These doors are typically heavier than hollow cores and require the frame to be screwed securely to the infrastructure. The exterior is wood or wood imitation and can be finished or unfinished so the carpenter can paint or stain to suit.

The last type of interior door we want to touch on are solid wood doors. This type is akin to a solid core door in some ways, except that the door is wood through and through. No core; all wood. Normally, these are in the higher price ranges, but inexpensive interior doors can be purchased in this variety. The quality is unequalled and many purist carpenters will only go with solid wood doors due to the durability they provide.

When it comes to finding inexpensive doors, you may want to look at what are called “blemished” or “irregular” doors. This is a door that has maybe been on display in the store for a while or may have gotten marred or marked in the process of unloading. Many door stores and home improvement centers will make these available at extremely affordable prices. Sometimes in the 50% off range, if you look hard enough and negotiate well.

The bottom line is that inexpensive doors are there for the finding. You just need to be armed with the knowledge to find the right one for your job or home.

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