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Interior Door Handles

Interior Door Handles and Knobs – The Finishing Touch

Door Handles

Door Handles

The last thing you want to do when hanging a door is to install one of the many interior door handles available. The interior knob or handle gives that “homey” feel to the inside of the door. There are many choices out there, including interior doorknobs, so selecting one can prove to be challenging. From a standpoint of need hardware, the simple choice is a handle. Read on.

Door handles are available in a LARGE variety of colors, finishes and shapes. Some lock from both sides; some only from the outside. Typically, the interior handle merely attaches to the inside of the door with a couple of screws. The key stock from the outside that operates the bolt just fits into the handle. Usually, the inside handle is only used for opening and closing the door. Basically, it is an operational decoration.

For many applications, door handles can be purchased in either bright or brushed metal finishes. This is very nice for when you want a decorative look to the inside of the door. Bright brass, nickel, silver and even copper are available at significantly affordable prices. On the other hand, brushed finished offers the same decorative styling, yet not as fancy looking. Then there are the handles that emulate wood or other materials. These may be the choice of some installers that lean towards wood finishes.

Styles of interior door handles

Styles of door handles can be lever style or knob style. Since the inside handle is not required to have a locking mechanism included, the installation is very easy. In this case, all the hardware and lock mechanics are attached to the exterior portion of the assembly. For this reason, it is possible to have one type on the outside that locks and another, more decorative type on the inside. As long as the key stock fits into the interior handle, you’re good to go.

The difference between door handles and complete doorknob sets is the attaching hardware. Full locksets normally have what are called “through bolts” that run through one side of the handle, all the way through the door and into the other handle base. One side has the screws running through it; the opposite side has threaded female sockets that receive the bolts and hold the assembly in place.

Interior door handles have their own attaching screws to hold them to the door. This makes it simple to replace the interior handle should it ever break or become damaged in some way. This is cheaper than replacing the entire knob set. The fact that it does not have a locking mechanism may prompt you to install a deadbolt as well so you are able to lock the door from the inside, such as overnight.

In any case, the proper choice of interior door handles is entirely a matter of like and choice. The selection is wide and the variety is even wider. It just depends on you and your customer’s preferences.

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