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Interior Door Hinges

Using Interior Door Hinges For Adjustment

Interior door hinges are considered a part of the integral hardware package that comes with a prehung interior door. These interior door hinges usually perform well and last for years with absolutely no maintenance provided the doors are installed properly.

Interior Door Hinges

When buying prehung interior doors these hinges are already factory installed and the biggest concern usually is if the color matches the rest of the hardware which also includes the door knobs in the house. Most people generally don't even take a second glance at the hinges however if a door comes out of plumb for some reason or another this is one area to consider for adjustment to get the door working properly again.

Adjusting a door with the hinges is as simple as running in a longer screw through one of the holes in the hinge which will reach the rough framing behind the door jamb. This can however produce some disastrous results if not done properly and could result in some major unnecessary extra work. Over tightening these screws can draw the door so far out of whack it would be necessary to pull the casing off of both sides (inside and outside of the door) to gain access for further adjustment. Understanding how a door is installed is recommended which will give you the knowledge of what to look for and what is causing this door to function improperly.

One big hint to an out of adjustment door is the reveal around the door. The crack between the door and the jamb should be relatively uniform. This will also tell you if a screw could to be used to bring this reveal back to uniformity. If you conclude that running a screw in through the door hinge will help bring the door back in to adjustment then be very careful as a few things can happen due to over tightening. One is the jamb may not be shimmed directly behind the hinge and drawing the jamb back to far will result in warping or bending the jamb at that point.

Basically to do this, just run a screw through one of the holes in the hinge and snug the screw to the hinge carefully without tightening. Then shut the door to keep checking the reveal and slowly tightening the screw to slowly draw the door in place. This screw may or may not tighten up fully but will still hold the door securely into adjustment. This is just one alternative to adjusting a prehung interior door and as explained earlier understanding how a door is installed will greatly improve your results.

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