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Interior Stair Railings

Wood Handrail

Interior Stair Railings Pose Many Styles and Choices

All indoor staircases need the safety of interior stair railings. However, these railings serve as more than just safety; they also provide appearance and style to the home’s interior.

There are many choices available for you in this area. Many railings are made of metal while others are constructed of wood. Some are a mixture of the two. So it is possible to get the desired effect whatever your need happens to be.

Wood Interior Stair Railings

For a lot of applications, wood is the choice commonly made. For starters, wood railings can either be made on site to fit the staircase or prefabricated in sections with the stairs attached.

If you are after a custom look, the make to order option is your animal. Additionally, the railing can be custom specified by you or your customer. You’ll just need the materials and tools to do this.

Then on the other hand, if the stair railings are no more than a functional safety feature, then a pre-fab product will work fine. Both types are available in many minds of wood.

Most common among these is cedar or maple. This is mainly due to the natural beauty of the grain as well as its natural color. Many other woods are there for the choosing too, like mahogany, teak, oak or rosewood.

All natural wood railings can be primed and painted to customer requirements. If your client is looking for a rustic feel, stain is another option. The stain can be applied to match the rest of the interior of the dwelling. In some cases, interior stair railings may simply be sealed and varnished to enhance the grain of the wood.

Metal Stair Railings

More intricate and decorative interior stair railings are available in metal or wrought iron. Much like railings on exterior stairs, metal indoor railings add character and beauty to the staircase and the home.

When added to the staircase, these types of interior stair railings are functional as well as appearance rich. Wrought iron, for instance, is durable, long lasting and attractive, especially in the interior.

The really nice thing about metal railings is that they can be added to wood staircases just as easily. The result is the same with a natural wood beauty accented by the strength of wrought iron. The stairs become more than just a way to get to the upstairs. Metal stair railings become a feature of the home itself.

Staircases with metal railings can add value to the home in which they are used. Because of the added feature of the decorative, metal stair railings, the home has more character, more value and is simply more interesting.

As a conversation piece, your indoor staircase takes the spotlight. This makes the interior staircase more than just a fixture; it is now a feature.


Whether you select wood or metal stair railings, your choices are mandated by the motif into which they will be introduced.

No matter if your desired effect is simple functionality, safety or decorative enhancement, the staircase and railings are the finishing touch to the room.

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