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Kids Wood Working Projects

Simple Yet Interesting Kids Wood Working Projects – The Perfect Way to Kindle Your Children’s Creativity.

If your kids love arts and crafts, you can get them involved in kids wood working projects. There are a number of simple wood working projects that can enhance the creativity of your kids. These projects can not only help your kids learn some very useful practical skills, but can boost their confidence and self esteem.

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It is a good idea to get your kids involved in carpentry at a young age. You can give your kids wooden jigsaw Puzzles or ask them to fit premeasured, precut pieces together. These are simple tasks meant for toddlers who are very inquisitive in nature. Once your kids get a hang of things, you can introduce them to kids wood working projects. Let us now take a look at a couple of very simple yet interesting projects for kids.


Pumpkin heads

Your kids need wooden blocks, sandpaper, paint, paintbrush, hammer, nail, and ribbons for this project.

First, the block of wood should be sanded thoroughly to remove the splinters and sharp ends and dusted off with a damp cloth. It should then be painted and allowed to dry. Orange color paint is usually a good choice. The facial details should be painted on the block of wood using black color paint.

Once the wood is completely dry, a nail should be hammered in. A strong string and ribbon can be tied around the nail and the wooden pumpkin head can be hung anywhere your kids want.

This is one of the simplest wood working projects that can be done with simple tools and materials that are easily available. Your kids will have a great time building different types of pumpkin heads during the Halloween.

Felt wall hanging

Your kids need an 18” white felt, craft glue, 4 strips of wood (6”x1”), markers, glitter, and a long piece of string for this project.

The felt should be painted and decorated with colors and glitter. A strip of wood should be glued to both ends of the felt on the backside. The string should be glued to the front and the remaining strips of wood should be glued on top of it. The hanging should then be left to dry completely. Once it is dry, it can be hung in your kids’ room or anywhere they want.

For your kids projects like the ones explained above can be very interesting as they give them a chance to express themselves in a creative manner. They kindle your kids’ interests in carpentry. They improve your kids’ dexterity and give a creative outlet to their natural energy.

An important thing you need to remember about kids wood working projects is that parental supervision is absolutely necessary. Though these projects do not involve using power tools, your kids still need to use hand tools like hammer and nail that can cause injury. So, you should explain your kids how they should use these tools carefully and make sure they work on these projects under your watchful eyes.

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