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Knee Pads

Knee Pads- Guaranteed Scare-Free & Strong Knees

Knee Pads

Knee Pads at Amazon

Knee Pads are thick shields worn on knees for protection mainly against an injury during a fall or an accident. They are also commonly used by people who spend long hours on their knees.

Fiscar, Body Glove, ProFlex & Tommyco are a few companies that manufacture professional quality knee protection. Currently, they are available in various colours & innovative designs. Knee protection is chosen depending upon the knee structure & personal comfort of the user.

They are made using a wide spectrum of materials. Basic knee protection or pad is made of mainly anti-ballistic nylon or a special polymer which is strong yet flexible. Neoprene is also a preferred substitute for the plastic. Sometimes stiff foam is replaced to lessen the impact of jerky movements. The ones that are used by professional sports persons generally have an appropriately thick padding material that acts like a shock absorber. Plastic knee caps are also available in the market, widely used buy skaters & cyclists. Joggers wear the ones that unlike any of the above do not have padding; instead they contain an elastic fabric which is held around tightly around the knee preventing it from getting strained or tilted in a wrong angle. Some plastic ones have an inner sponge lining that adds to the comfort of the knee pad.

Knee protection or pads are made in various styles. Most of them come with straps that can be tied at the back of the knees. Sometimes there are clips which can be fastened according to the comfort of the user. The simpler ones are just pulled up the leg through the ankle till the knee (like a sock).

Though we immediately associate knee caps to sportsmen, there are many other sectors of people who find knee protection useful & necessary. For instance, in carpeting, automobile servicing & cleaning, carpentry etc. All these sectors involve long hours of standing & walking about putting a lot of strain on the knees. Some ladies, use them while doing household chores like sweeping & swabbing the floor or while cleaning low lying shelves. Dancers also find these pads for knee a certainty to prevent a ligament tear or an injury to the knee cap during the performance. Mothers fasten these pads to babies who are in their crawling phase. Even weight lifters & wrestlers also use knee protection apart from basketball, volleyball, soccer & rugby players. Not only do they avert injury caused due to a fall but also from clashing into their opponents.

An important variety of Knee Protection is the Â’rolling key padÂ’ which is more like a skater board in appearance than a knee pad. The user places his knees in the given sockets which are actually interconnected with tiny wheels below to make commuting within large spaces easier. This is most commonly seen in supermarkets where the sales person rallies from one shelf to other.

Good Knees and knee caps sure do make life easier!!

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