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Makita Jigsaws

Makita Jigsaws- The Tough Guy


Makita Jigsaws at Amazon

If you are the kind who thinks that a power cord tagging along with your jigsaw is a big hindrance while you work, then Makita Power tools Corporation is your final stop. Makita Corporation, Japan has exclusively been the manufacturer of professional quality power tools & is especially known for their absolutely solid, world class cordless jigsaws. Though the initial Makita jigsaws models were all corded, credit goes to Makita Power Tool Corporation for taking cordless jigsaws to the next level. Makita power tools are subjected to quality check 19 times before they are dispersed into the market.

Makita Corporation does not particularly have jigsaw model series; instead their products are classified as barrel type & handle type. Barrel type jigsaws refers to the motor being enveloped by the body material, making the motor a part of the holding space where as the handle type is like a normal jigsaw which has a handle attached to the motor. Makita power tools use only 97% magnetic copper wires which is the core secret behind their consistent performance.

The main highlight of all the jigsaws by Makita is the unbelievable ease of the blade change mechanism, which can be done in 3 seconds. The Makita cordless jigsaws are pronouncedly powerful. The vigour of the motor does not drop even while doing extremely tight cuts. Though they have vibrations to a certain extent the noise is negligibly low compensating for the former issue.

The final outcome of the finish & the cut in these cordless jigsaws is tremendous such that the questions of slop at the pivot point or switches are completely ruled out. Another practical feature of all these jigsaws is that the blade socket is made of high density plastic which means there are very little or totally no chances of fingers getting burn accidentally.

Excellent quality, well balanced weight, ‘horsepower accompanied by L.E.D lights & dust blowers are inclusive to every model. They also have anti-splinter inserts & polished foot plates that leave the surface absolutely scratch less. Makita Power tools are priced at the higher end, owing to the unshakeable standard of raw materials that are utilized in the making.

Amidst huge positives, these jigsaws have considerable flaws too. Though the Makita barrel type jigsaws offer good control over the tool, it becomes progressively hot to hold the machine while working for long durations. Changing the bevel angle of the sole plate is a struggle. No doubt the Makita cordless jigsaws are intensely powerful but the battery just does not last for a considerable time, making back up batteries a strict essential for uninterrupted long hours of work. Also, the battery that comes with the Makita jigsaw set is particularly short lasting.

The case used to store the Makita jigsaw is not of good quality either. The hold button seems to be a problem in a few models as it is placed on to the left side of the handle. This may be inconvenient for the left-handed lot.
Makita buyers are surely the ones in trend!!

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