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Octagon Picnic Table Plans

For a great woodworking project, check out one of the many octagon picnic table plans available right here. Some woodworking plans are free and others are offer for sale at reasonable prices. Building your own picnic table is a rewarding and fun experience. In addition, you’ll create a well-crafted picnic table at half the cost of a ready-made table.

Octagon Picnic Table Plan No.2
Deciding on Size

As with any woodworking project, planning is everything. You’ll want to start by deciding on the size of the table you’ll be building. Make sure your estimates take into account the number of adults and children who will be sitting at the table. Give everyone plenty of elbowroom in your measurements so no one feels squashed by their neighbor. Some octagon picnic table plans allow for larger table areas and seating space, so think about that when picking your design.

Deciding on Style

Some picnic table plans give instructions for adding features to the tabletop such as a lazy Susan turntable. This is a nice feature and makes it easy to get food to everyone without having to reach across the table. Other plans also include an accent ring, which is a decorative strip of wood that encircles the tabletop. This adds a nice touch giving the table a professional finished look.

Good Sources for Plans

There are many plans out there, and we have gathered the best of the best right here. If you don’t see the plan you want here, just click on one of the plans to check out the additional plans available. Once you purchase your plans, you will find these woodworking sites also offer friendly advice for the novice to advanced woodworker.

Large Octagon Picnic Table

For a roomy, 85 inch table, woodcraftplans.com offers a plan for $14.00. The table is 29 ½ inches high and the design produces a sturdy and durable product. The materials list, instructions and large drawings make cutting and construction easy.

Octagon Picnic Table No.2

Table with Accent Ring

Another plan at woodwordcraftplans.com includes an accent ring and costs $12.00. The tabletop has more than 16 square feet and adults have a roomy 22-inch section of table each. Building this table is estimated to take a weekend. The plan provides large and detailed diagrams to include photos for illustration during construction.

Octagon Picnic Table with Accent Ring Plan
Octagon Picnic Table with Accent Ring Plan

So, sharpen up the saw and pick out one of the many octagon picnic table plans available on the Internet. Your family and friends will soon be marveling over your woodworking skills as you fire up the barbeque!

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