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Painting Trim

Painting Trim Work

Painting trim work is pretty straight forward. However there are some good painting tips and techniques to keep in mind while you are doing this. No doubt you want a nice looking professional job and this will take some patience. There are a few things to think about before starting and also before heading off to the paint store.

Using a good quality paint will make the job easier, faster and is essential to achieve a nice looking paint job. Paint comes in a couple different types such as enamel (water) base or oil base. Make sure it is mixed well and is the right sheen you are looking for. The people in this industry are well informed and can help you decide on making some of these decisions regarding these questions according to the application. At the paint store just simply explain what your plans are and what you are doing and their knowledge can save you a lot of work, money and aggravation.

The people at the store can also help you with the proper brushes and tools necessary for your project of painting trim. Paint brushes can vary quite a bit so having the right ones for the job can help out a lot.

Another thing to think about is how you are going to go about this project. Do the walls need to be painted? If not then you may want to tape them off to keep the trim paint off the walls. So don’t forget the tape at the store.

If the walls are going to be painted then paint the trim first. Painting the walls later can be accomplished in a couple ways. One way is not taping anything and is called "cutting in." Most professionals cut in everything to avoid taping. This takes a little Practice, however, with the right brush, a steady hand and some patience it is quicker and a lot less work and mess compared to taping everything off.

The other way involved with painting trim is of course taping everything off. There is nothing wrong with this method however no matter what; you will get seepage through the tape so a little cutting in is still necessary although you can move a little faster and don’t have to be as careful.

An Important Old Tip

Another good tip is one you have heard before; use even strokes. This being true there is actually a little more to this. Paint has certain chemical agents in it to cause the paint to smooth out on its own. By constantly moving your brush over a painted area you are lessening the effectiveness of these flattening agents. The reason is because the paint is slowly drying and when you are brushing over it time and time again you are making the paint thicker. This is especially true with painting bigger wood areas such as an interior door.

Other things to think about for painting are just common sense things like using drop cloths to protect the floors and furniture or objects you may be painting around. Making sure the areas your painting are clean and dust free. Get in to the habit of reading directions before doing things you may learn something you never knew.

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