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Parts of a Door

Parts of a Door on the Interior of the Home

Not all doors are made equally and the parts of a door tell the tale. Interior doors serve a purpose of dividing rooms or providing privacy in some cases. Entry doors, also called exterior doors, have a dual purpose. First, they provide insulation against the outside elements, and second, they help keep dust and debris out of the house. Let’s take a look at the parts of door on the interior of the home.

Interior doors come in many varieties, sizes and styles. From the very simple panel door to the ornate and decorative French door and everything in between. Interior doors are very simple in construction and the door parts are basic. What follows is a list of the parts of a door on the inside (interior) of your home.

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Parts of a Door,interior prehung doors

Jamb - Hinge Side

The door is assembled inside a frame. The frame holds the door and is what supports the weight of it as it hangs. The two vertical sides of the frame are called the jambs. On the hinge side, we have the door jamb. This is where the hinges (we’ll get to those in a bit) attach to the framework. The door jamb has to be sturdy and strong to support the hinges and the entire weight of the door.

Jamb - Knob Side

On the other side, where the doorknob/lever is located, we have what is called the knob side jamb. This is where the locking mechanism will be located. The knob or lever will be attached to the door itself and the latching mechanism will interact with the knob side jamb. This jamb as well needs to be strong as it will see a lot of activity.

The top and bottom portions of the jamb assembly are supportive and serve to help keep the hinge and door side jambs square during installation. The frame or jamb has to kept as close to level as possible. Otherwise the door will not open or close properly. It will either drag the floor or be jammed on one side. For installation instructions go to this page installing interior doors.

Parts of a Door,interior prehung doors

The "STOP"

In the center of the jamb is what is called the “stop”. The stop marks the place where the door will rest in the jamb when closed. It is usually raised a bit and may be weather stripped for sealing purposes. This stop is typically the precise center of the door jamb assembly.

The Door Panel

Of course, there is the actual door itself. The door panel has a door knob hole already cut into it so installing the door latch mechanism is a snap. The knob hole is lined up with the spot in the jamb where the latch will came through. This may take a bit of tweaking, but it is basically just a small adjustment.

Attaching the door panel to the jamb are the hinges. Hinges allow the door to swing open and closed easily. The basic hinge is made of two pieces of metal joined by a pin in the center.

Well, there you have the parts of a door on the interior of the house. It is important to know these parts in order to purchase the right interior door for the job.

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