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Parts of an Exterior Door

Recognizing the Parts of an Exterior Door

Do you know the parts of an exterior door? The door on the exterior of your home serves several purposes. It is not only decorative or aesthetic; it is also supposed to seal that entrance from outside air or dirt. Basically, it keeps your entryway cleaner and warmer than it would be normally. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the parts of that door in order to purchase a proper replacement.

Door Jamb
Surrounding the door itself is the frame or Jamb. This supports the door as it hangs and is incorporated into the woodwork of the house. The frame (jamb) is screwed into the structure of the house where the doorway has been planned. The frame (jamb) itself is made of wood that compliments the finish of the door.

In the corners of the frame is what is called frame corner construction that adds stability and performance overall. The corners of the frame are joined mechanically and sealed so as to allow a certain amount of flex. Typically, the corner joints are what is called mortise and tendon. The corners are joined together, sealed and then sometimes reinforced with a metal fastener for added strength.

Another of the many parts of an exterior door is a steel or metal deadbolt reinforcement plate. This adds support to the door and helps make the door and frame stronger. This is not a standard door part and is normally a feature of higher end doors.

At the bottom of the door is the threshold. Some call this the “sill”. Either way, this part of a door is what keeps air from escaping, either in or out. It also prevents dust or dirt from blowing in under the door. This is important to you for keeping the heat inside during winter and the air conditioning in during summer. The threshold effectively lowers your energy costs.

Door Sweep
Also at the bottom is the door sweep, which forms and completes the seal between the door and the threshold. This is one of those parts of a door that are commonly overlooked. However, this weather stripping overlay is what makes the whole door airtight and dustproof, so check that out before you buy.

The Door
Then, of course, there is the door itself. Normally, entrance doors can be either full wood or have a little glass for decoration. Many different types and styles of doors are available. Some are made of steel or even aluminum for added strength and durability. For the most part, the parts of a door are all the same. You just need to be sure of the construction and check for quality and workmanship. Be sure to measure your doorway so you know exactly what size door you need.

When it is all said and done, the parts of an exterior door all work together to make your home’s entrance attractive and keep what’s inside on the inside and what’s outside on the outside. The door is also for security and you want to be sure the parts of a door that pertain to the lock are good and strong.

Door quality is a direct result of the combination of the parts of a door; not just the door itself, so be sure you know the parts and inspect them thoroughly.

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