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Popular Interior Door Styles

Choosing from among the many popular interior door styles might seem like a challenge at first look.

Granted, there are a plethora of styles and types available,
  • so how do you choose?
  • What do you choose?
  • Why do you HAVE to choose?

  • All these are questions faced by finish carpenters and their clients every day. So we put together a list of the most popular ones to help you out a bit.

    Interior doors, like any other, are meant to serve a purpose. Your entry door needs to be decorative, provide sound insulation, keep air or dust out as well as keep your heat/AC in.

    Interior doors are a bit different in their purpose. Some may just separate rooms in the home; others may be for privacy; still others may be simply aesthetic. But that does not mean they cannot look good, too.

    Colonial Style Doors

    One of the most popular interior doors are Colonial style doors. Colonial style doors add a bit of old world feel to a room or dwelling. While a bit on the decorative side, these are very nice additions to your home interior décor. The colonial style door is divided into several sub-styles like
    French Colonial
    Georgian Colonial
    and a few others.

    Then there is the old standard flat panel (flush) doors. Very simple in design and look, this is a door with a single intrinsic panel on the façade. These popular interior door styles are available as any of the three door types;
    hollow core
    solid core
    solid wood
    If you desire a little extra fanciness, there are also
    two panel
    four panel and
    six panel varieties from which to choose.

    Type of Doors - Folding, Sliding, Swinging

    Now when selecting the proper (totally selective on your part), the style of closing is another consideration. IN areas where space is an issue, you may choose a sliding style door.

    This style of door is called a pocket door and actually slides into the frame and disappears when the room is open, then back out to close the room off from the other parts of the house.

    Folding doors are another option, too. Folding doors are a close cousin to sliding doors, except that when opened, they fold against the wall, out of the way. This style of interior door is good for tight space constraints and are generally more design or centric.

    Sliding doors typically have a series of glass panels to provide privacy within a room while maintaining the look of open space. This is a good choice for doorways between dining and living rooms or the like.

    Whatever popular interior door style you decide on, the choice is entirely up to you and is a matter of room aesthetics, cost effectiveness, ease/cost of installation, privacy requirements and overall room feel and look.

    The interior doors in your house dictate the flavor of your abode. It is a statement of your taste and character. So choose wisely and prudently from the available popular interior door styles and make your room “pop”.

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