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Ranch Baseboard

Ranch Style Trim is Still Popular And Availabel

One of the most common types of trim is ranch baseboard. This baseboard is a tad bit more contemporary than, say colonial or Princeton styles. Ranch style trim is designed to be functional as well as decorative. It is typically undecorated or routed with any type of design cut into it. It is among the most common types and is readily available anywhere in the country.

Ranch Base

Mayfa Ranch Base

Like all baseboard trim or floor trim, ranch trim is purchased in lengths of up to twenty feet. The thought behind this is that a single piece can be used for each wall. Kind of a throwback to the old days when ranchers built their own dwellings and did not have time to perform fancy or complicated woodwork. Get it up, get it done and get to the fields.

7/16x3-1/4x8 Ranch Base

Ranch Style Baseboard Sizes

Ranch style baseboard trim comes in a variety of widths that range from 1 ¼” to as much as 2 ½”. What size you need is determined by the job. If you prefer, custom widths can be ordered to specs for your specific job requirements. This costs a little more, but if you are after a special profile or look, it’s the way to go. Like I always say, “Let the job pick the trim.”

This baseboard trim can be acquired in varying thicknesses. From the inconspicuous 3/8” material to the more prominent 7/8”or sometimes thicker, the perfect size can be purchased at almost any hardware/lumber dealer in the country. All sizes are readily available in most areas.

Ranch Wood Types Available

As far as wood types go, the sky is the limit. Soft woods like pine or cedar make nice ranch baseboard trim. But hardwoods like oak, maple or mahogany are available as well. The hardwoods are more common and lend the proper look and feel to this type of trim. The grain of the wood runs longways through the wood and acts as a sort of contrast to other natural woods used in the room.

Ranch style trim material can be found totally unfinished giving you full autonomy over the final look of the trim. From this point, the trim can be sanded lightly, then either painted appropriately or stained. So the options are truly limitless with ranch baseboard trim.

This baseboard can also be purchased pre-finished for a speedy job completion. Get ranch baseboard that is primed and ready for painting. This saves you time and money as you can paint the trim and let it dry as you complete the other work, then just fasten it in place. Consider baseboard that is stained already for a quick finish to a natural wood themed job.

Baseboard trim that is already stained or colored gives the finish carpenter the opportunity to complete a job quicker. Not to mention the cost and time savings on stain, doing the staining and waiting for the trim to dry. It’s just a win-win for all involved.

Consider using ranch baseboard material and give your finishing work that old fashioned, rugged look.

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