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Rustic Exterior Doors

Why Should You Consider Rustic Exterior Doors For Your Home?

If you want to give your cottage or log home a classic rustic look, you should definitely consider installing rustic exterior doors. They are durable and stylish and they complement your home décor perfectly.

When it comes to decorating your home, you have plenty of choices. You can go for different themes or styles based on your taste. Country look or rustic look is something that a lot of people prefer for their home these days. Nothing enhances your home’s rustic look like rustic exterior doors. You can opt for a plain door or an intricately designed door depending on your preference. Apart from this, you can use a number of things like wooden furniture, wooden floors, quilted rugs, and photos with wooden frames to accentuate the rustic appeal of your home.

When it comes to exterior doors, you have a lot of options. You can go for different types of wood like cherry, oak, aspen, maple, and mahogany. Oak and mahogany, in particular, are the popular choices today. Similarly, you can choose earthy color palette finish or natural nuances finish depending on your taste. You can go for a single door or double doors, in-swing doors or out-swing doors, right hand model or a left hand model, a plain door or a door with glass and iron motifs, and more.

Custom made doors are usually a better choice than readymade doors. So, you can tell the door company exactly what kind of rustic exterior doors you are looking for and get them custom made for you. Customized doors have a unique, one-of-a-kind feel which makes them look very appealing. I personally have got custom made mahogany doors with brass colored handles and they look beautiful to say the least.

The most important thing you need to remember is that the exterior doors should complement your home’s interior décor. This is something that quite a few people forget when it comes to decorating their homes. They care a great deal about decorating their bedroom, living room, dining room, and the bathroom, but do not care that much about choosing the right kind of rustic exterior doors for their home. Never make that mistake. If you have decided to give your home a rustic look, make sure the interior décor and the exterior décor complement each other.

One of the main reasons why some people are hesitant to install rustic doors for their home is that wooden doors in general are not able to withstand extreme weather conditions. In some cases, they bend or start developing cracks due to weather changes and the fluctuation in temperature. To avoid this, you can opt for wood doors that have raised panels on their surface. This can reduce the wear and tear considerably. The only problem with these types of doors is that they need to be cleaned regularly as they tend to get dusty very quickly.

Rustic exterior doors are a great addition to your home if you want to give your home a nice rustic look and feel. So, depending on your taste and budget, you can choose a model and decorate your home accordingly.

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