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Simple Wood Working Projects

Looking to Work on Simple Wood Working Projects? Here's What You Need to Know

Woodworking for beginners

Simple wood working projects is a place to start if you are interested in woodworking. You should first try your hands at using simple techniques and basic tools to get started. These projects can help you sharpen your woodworking skills and give you a lot of confidence.

The learning curve

As a beginner, you should make sure you learn something new by working on different types of simple wood working projects. You should get a good understanding of power tools and know how to use them correctly. You should get an idea of the different types of wood used in woodworking projects and know why one type of wood is better than the other and so on.

Tool chest

A basic tool chest is absolutely necessary for simple wood working projects. You need to use hand tools and power tools for these projects. Chisels, screwdrivers, wrenches, clamps, drill bits, hammer, handsaw, combination square, tape measure, and pliers are some of the most commonly used hand tools. Hand drills, band saws, scroll saws, table saws, miter saws, wood lathe, drill presses, and air compressors are some of the commonly used power tools in woodworking.

Buying quality tools

When it comes to simple wood working projects, the importance of buying high quality tools cannot be stressed enough. High quality tools last longer and give you value for your money. They also have much better resale value than cheap tools. So, never buy low quality tools to save a few bucks. If you think you cannot afford to buy brand new tools, you can buy used tools that are still in good condition. You can buy them at flea market, garage sales, or on online stores.

Getting started with simple wood working projects

First, you can try building a wooden box, planter box, or a letter holder. You just need a few pieces of wood and some basic tools for these projects. It is advisable to use heartwood instead of sapwood, as the former is not as susceptible to fungus as the latter. Moreover, heartwood usually contains very little moisture. So, when dried, it will not shrink as much as sapwood. Similarly, it is advisable to use coarse grit papers to sand wood quickly. Then, you should use a fine sandpaper to remove the scratches and imperfections left by the coarse paper. Depending on the kind of wood you use, you can give a polyurethane finish, gel stain finish, or lacquer finish.


As a novice, you should be very careful while working on wood working projects. If you are inattentive or if you do not use proper protection gear, you could injure yourself badly. So, read the instructions carefully before starting any woodworking project. Get yourself a pair of safety glasses, face shield, dust mask, hearing protector, and gloves. Do not work on any project if you feel tired and sleepy. Similarly, do not work on any project if you are drunk or if you are under the influence of drugs or medications. These are some of the simple tips you can follow to avoid accidents.

The fun factor

Try to have lots of fun while working on a project. It is the easiest way to make wood working projects more interesting. Every time you work on a new project, learn something valuable from it. See it as a chance to showcase your creativity. Get thrilled at the prospect of building something on your own as opposed to buying it from stores. Enjoy the sense of accomplishment you get when you finish a project successfully. If you do, woodworking can be an interesting, enjoyable hobby.

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