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Tile Baseboard

Add a Touch of Class to your Bathroom – Install a stunning Tile Baseboard

Having a tile baseboard to finish off your bathroom is very much in vogue right now. It gives you a new take on just having the old style wooden base, which while looking tidy, can also look somewhat chunky and rather clumsy.

Ceramic tiles have been around since the times of the ancient Romans who used to use them both for cladding their early versions of central heating, and in more decorative applications, typically for making mosaics, those wonderful little iconic pictures made up entirely of small colored, glazed tile-stones.

Today’s bathrooms are very often used as showpieces in many peoples’ homes. Whereas the bedrooms and living rooms tend to be the “comfort” rooms of the house, kitchens and bathrooms are places of functionality. But with the right layout, design and materials, both of these so called “functionality” rooms can also be made to look quite stunning.

The trend of having a tile baseboard in bathrooms is one that is becoming more and more popular. They’re relatively easy to install, economic, and for what is after all, quite a simple embellishment, they give a bathroom that certain WOW factor, especially when they are laid properly.

The idea is simple. You’ve already got a lovely tiled floor with the design and color of our choice, so why not finish it off by having a small up-stand of the same tiling along the base of the wall. The tile baseboard then has the effect of enclosing the floor into a self-contained area that then just looks somehow more complete. It just adds a touch of class, and gives it that perfect finishing touch.

To get the most from the effect, you should use exactly the same size and design of tile that you have laid onto the floor. Some people elect to go with a different design for contrast, but keeping it all the same just makes the visual impact that much more compelling. To add to the uniformity of the aesthetics, it is best to line up the joints of your baseboard with the joints of the tiles on the floor.

A tile baseboard is much easier to install than a wooden one. With wood, is has to be nailed to the wall and then it has to be finished, either applying a couple of coats of paint, or varnish. With tiles however, you just glue them straight to the wall. Granted that the preparation takes a little bit longer, because the tiles have to be cut to size; then, of course, there is the grouting. But in the long term, tiling is pretty much maintenance free, whereas as wood needs rubbing down and repainting very couple of years or so.

A good little tip to pass on, which can make the installation so much easier, is to make sure that you use a good quality adhesive. Standard caulking is not really to be recommended, and ordinary tile adhesive is okay. But for the that little bit of flexibility, a good quality premium adhesive is best because (a) it holds the baseboard tile to the wall as you apply it, and (b) it allows you a nice degree of “slide-ability” so you can line the joints up perfectly. Check with your tile merchant for details.

A new tile baseboard installation is not only economic and lasting; it will turn your bathroom into a showroom you can be really proud of.

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