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Walk In Closet Systems

Walk In Closet Systems will keep you organizedWalk In Closet Systems

What is the most cluttered, disorganized area of your home? What is it in your house that drives you bonkers to the point of distraction even though the only one who sees it is you? The answer is probably your closets. Everybody tends to just toss things in there thinking that they’ll get to it later. Problem is that, if you’re like me, later never arrives!! So what exactly CAN you do about it? If you are fortunate enough to have walk in closets, listen up.

The problem with closets, even walk in closets, is that they collect stuff. The idea is that the closet is only open when you’re actually using it and acts as a repository for clothes, shoes and personal items. It is true that even the best of us get overwhelmed with things and clutter results here. In the case of a walk in, clutter can be counterproductive. The way to counteract that problem is with one of the many available walk in closet systems. Now you ask, “What is a walk in closet system”, right? Here we go.

Walk in closet systems help you arrange and organize all the items in your closet. The ideal system will have space for your hanging clothes, shoes, folded items like tee shirts or undergarments and maybe even some accessories, such as jewelry. In the way you use that walk in closet system is entirely up to you. Build one to your own needs that handles what YOU need to be handled.

Now there are two types of walk in closet systems from which to choose. If you aren’t really the DIY kind of individual, there are pre-assembled pieces that just need installed. This makes it possible to plan the closet space as you install the pieces. Build it however you like; it’s YOUR closet, after all.

Now for the REAL reason we’re here; the do it yourselfers out there. Now don’t be fooled into thinking that creating, designing and building a walk in closet system is going to be easy and simple. Experienced carpenters can build you one to order, but it takes a couple days at the least. You can do it yourself. It may take a bit longer, but when you’re done, you’ll have the closet of your dreams made to exactly what you require. So how do you go about it?

Again, there are one of two ways to do this. The first step is always to step back a couple of paces and assess what it is that you want to accomplish. Planning is the key to success, so start there. Take stock of what is in there already, what is coming out and what is staying. During this stage, take the opportunity to throw out any stuff that just isn’t “keepable” anymore. Now you have an idea where to start.

Now you can either call a professional closet consultant to come out, look at your space and put together a design for you OR do it yourself. They’ll measure and fit everything together, then provide you with a diagram of the finished product. When you say “OK”, the pieces will be manufactured and sent to you for installation. Wait! You mean I STILL have to do my own installation? Yeah. You do. So why not just do it yourself?

Measure all the areas of the walk in closet and figure out where you want to put stuff. Make adjustments for hanging areas, shelving for folded stuff and even a few drawers for other items. If you plan right, it’ll all fit tight as a drum when finished. Be sure to make enough room for all the items you have to go in the closet. Then start building your elements, fitting them in and fastening them down securely.

One thing you want to do is be certain that the hanging racks are secure to the walls of the closet. It is suggested that these be screwed, not nailed, into wall studs for support. Your wall racks should be fastened the same way. If you are constructing cabinet type storage drawers, secure these with screws as well.

When you get everything done and fastened down, you can start the finishing work. Add your baseboards or any ornamental wall decorations like corner blocks or whatever you decide to use and make the whole thing just pop. Think of it as a room in your home. I mean it IS a room after all. Maybe a room that only you or your family will see or be inside of at any given moment, but a room nonetheless, so treat it like one and make it nice.

The reason we call them walk in closet systems is because they are an organized arrangement of storage units to accommodate your personal items. You may have all your pants here and shirts there or his stuff here and hers over there. The sky really is the limit when you design, build and construct your own custom walk in closet systems for your living space.

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