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Wishing Well Plans

Wishing well plans come in a variety of styles, shapes and skill levels. Some plans use mixed materials resulting in one of a kind items that will be the envy of your neighborhood. With the addition of a fountain, a simple wooden wishing well becomes an attractive feature in your yard and a place where family members can “make a wish.”

Fairytale Wishing Well Plans
Fairytale Wishing Well Plans

Project Plans

There are so many types of well plans available today that choosing the type of project plans may be difficult. Before choosing a plan consider where you will be putting the well. Larger wells may interfere with mowing, while smaller ones can be moved when it is time to cut the grass. If you want to include a fountain, you may want to place the well in a certain location to prevent algae growth. Plans are available for all skill levels. Simple wishing wells can be completed in an afternoon, while complex plans especially those that use bricks, paver stones, or rocks may require more time. It is important to allow mortar to set, and for stain, paint and varnish to dry completely before starting the next step.

Types of Wood

When building a wishing well the type of wood you choose is important. Since the wishing well will be outside, consider using treated lumber to build your project. Hardwoods are also less prone to weather damage than softer woods. Using an inexpensive wood first allows you to complete the project without the worry of ruining expensive lumber. Wishing wells that are made from softer woods can be painted with an outdoor weather resistant paint increasing their life span. Waterproofing and deck stains can be used to finish a wishing well. These types of finishes can be applied to the wishing well each year if desired.

Special Touches

Wishing wells can be used as flower planters, fountains and used to store yard items like buckets and pails. Some wishing wells include cranks that allow a wooden bucket to be lowered and raised. Choosing wood that accents or matches the exterior of you home will add a personalized touch to the project. Nameplates, wooden or metal letters can be used to create welcome messages or family names. The roof of the wishing well can be made from wooden shingles, metal roof sections and even copper for those who are looking to replicate an authentic wishing well.


Placing a fountain inside a wishing well adds a touch of nostalgia. Adding a fountain will also increase the cost of the project and require some additional maintenance. You should choose a wishing well plan that is large enough to hold the water reservoir, the pump and the pipes required. Many small fountain kits require only a few gallons of water and use a small water pump. A few fish in the fountains reservoir can help keep algae growth to a minimum reducing the maintenance required.

Beginning and advanced woodworkers are sure to find the right well plans to suit their needs. With a little imagination, a wishing well can become a work of art.

woodcraftplans - Fairytale Wishing Well

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