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Bosch Power Tools

Introducing Bosch and Bosch Tools

Bosch Power Tools are well worth checking out when buying new tools. When you make your living using power tools you are always looking for the best that your money can buy and if you are in the wood working business you know that this is especially true. I have personally found that tools manufactured by Bosch always live up to my expectations. They have made a line of their tools with the professional wood worker in mind.

Never Heard of Bosch?

The Bosch Corporation has been in the United States since 1908 however they have been in business since 1886. The founder, Robert Bosch, had loved the way that Thomas Edison was able to take science and use it to make practical solutions to better everyday life. So with that type of intrigue the German born native first entered the business world with innovation that would help start car engines more reliably. With his vision and ingenuity he took the knowledge he gained from engines and began incorporating them into power tools. Bosch power tools were born.

Bosch Understands the Importance of Our Tools

If you don't know the professional line of bosch power tools I am sure that you have heard of their do-it-yourself Dremel tool. I believe that Bosch power tools have one of the most powerful motors you can find in a tool. These tools stand up to the harsh treatment and the heavy load that we in the finish carpentry business put on our tools. Bosch also understands that if our tools go down then we are at a standstill and losing money.

Some of My Favorite Bosch Tools

One of my personal favorites of the Bosch power tools is their jigsaws. They have designed their jigsaws so that the blades are literally one quick step to remove. You will also find that when you are making your cuts that you will have no play in the blade. The blade will not try to bounce on you which will help you keep your line. This means that when you are trying to make turns your cuts will remain on line and the saw will not fight you. I do recommend that you use the blade that Bosch recommends for the material you are using. If you do this you will be very happy with the resulting clean cuts.

Many Other Tools by Bosch

I have several Bosch tools that I use in my work and would also recommend. One of the most time consuming part of finish carpentry is sanding. Getting the wood prepared properly is half the battle to making our work stand out. Bosch offers you a great line of sanders. They have belt sanders for the heavy sanding. They offer several models of orbiter sanders and of course your finishing sanders. So for every stage of your job they have a sander that will give you great results. Those of us in the finish carpentry trade understand how valuable it is to have a tool that will perform at the highest level day in and day out. Bosch understands that and their professional line of bosch tools are worth a look at, especially if you have never owned a Bosch before.

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