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Custom Woodwork - Custom Trim

Custom Woodwork or Not?

Did you have a custom home builder build your house?
Did you get custom woodwork in your house?

Chances are even with a so called custom home builder you got the normal run of the mill woodwork in your new home. Being a custom home builder doesn't mean you get the real custom woodwork.

Have you ever walked into an older home that was built 75 to 100 years ago? Now that woodwork is custom trim. It would probably have hard wood floors, large windows and quality solid doors. The trim work in these houses are very intricate, detailed and of high quality. These people that did this custom trim work were the real masters of finish carpentry and did amazing work with the tools available for that era.

These days a lot of custom home builders don't offer much of these amenities with woodwork. One reason for this and it's highly controversial is because you can call your self a custom home builder if you offer just a couple choices for each area through the building process. For example; just a couple different choices of the woodwork to be installed. In other words it's simply not custom. That is not to say there aren't real custom builders out there because there are. You just have to clarify with the builder the word custom.

Painted Trim Work

Now if you intend on having this bigger custom Victorian trim woodwork installed there are a couple ways to go. If you plan to paint the woodwork in your new home or remodeling project, you can save a substantial amount of money by ordering your new woodwork as paint grade material. For example pine which is much more affordable then oak and the paint will mask irregular grain coloration and other defects that are associated with pine or a lower paint grade type of lumber.

MDF Trim Work

Another way to go with this type of custom trim work is MDF. This is a man-made type of custom trim and is most common with casing and baseboard. There is nothing wrong with this and if you live in a climate where the temperature and humidity changes are great, this maybe something to think about. It is also more affordable compared to the real solid-wood versions of this trim wood.

solid-wood Trim Work

Then of course if you are going all out custom, you have the real solid-wood option. If you are going this route it might be worth checking into having the moldings made just for you. Woodworking companies can often make a design on your custom woodwork to exactly what you want. They can also make this trim in any wood species and may even have some special deals or advice as to the best species for your particular project. If you are having this woodwork installed, any good finish carpenter will have no problem with installing this type of custom trim work.

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