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DeWalt Power Tools

The DeWalt Company is well known

DeWalt is one of the biggest names of tools for woodworking. DeWalt power tools are easily recognized by the signature yellow and black colors. Founded in 1924 by Raymond E. DeWalt (inventor of the radial arm saw). The DeWalt company experienced rapid growth between its inception and being reorganized in 1947.

During these years, DeWalt was mostly engaged in developing radial arm saws, along with other woodworking machines. American Machine & Foundry Co. Inc. bought DeWalt in 1949 and sold the brand to Black & Decker in 1960. Black & Decker stopped making radial arm saws in the late 1980s, selling the design to two of its executives.

Saws using the DeWalt radial arm saw design can still be purchased even in this day and age, serving as a living, sawing reminder of the long history of this company.

DeWalt today

Given the long-respected DeWalt name where power tools are concerned, it is hardly surprising that the Black & Decker company began to move some of its own tools under the umbrella of the DeWalt brand. The DeWalt company today creates and sells about a thousand different products, both tools and accessories. Because of their attention to producing the very highest quality tools, and the vast array of those products (DeWalt has even been manufacturing cordless tools for some time now, despite the dewalt company being known best for the very stationary radial arm saw), DeWalt is the acknowledged industry leaders for woodworking tools. Woodworking of course, is what DeWalt power tools are all about to the woodworking professional and the hobbyist alike.

Unfamiliar with DeWalt Tools?

Think you're unfamiliar with DeWalt power tools? Think again; here are a few of their more popular products which should jog your memory. The DeWalt reciprocating saw (though those in the know would call it a sawzall), so named because of its sheer versatility. Different blades can be used, allowing the user to cut through well, just about anything. There's even a cordless sawzall available, a great thing especially if your workshop is a little short on outlets. A good planer is an essential item for anyone who plans to work with wood. After all, you can't always find quite the size you may need for every project you might have planned at your local lumberyard or hardware store. A planer can make the difference between getting started on a project or not; DeWalt makes what is likely the best planer out there.

Some More Boasts

Besides ease of use, the attention given to each tool by the DeWalt company is obvious not only in the aforementioned ease of use and versatility, but also the high quality of their construction.

DeWalt power tools may cost a little bit more than some of their competitors, sure; but their tools tend to last far longer and perform better than those made by other power tool manufacturers. And as we all know, you'll wind up saving money in the long run by opting for a better brand of power tools. When you don't need to replace your tools all the time, you'll be glad you traded up to one of the brands the professionals use.

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