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Finish Carpentry

Finish Carpentry Advice To Help You

Finish carpentry information and simple advice for professional looking trim work. Here within this site I give some step by step instructions on applying trim work so the most inexperienced homeowner can do it. As you follow along through these steps all the different joints and miters can be a bit of a challenge at first so practice making miters or coping or doing outside corners before installing the actual pieces. You also get more familiar and comfortable with the saw and other tools.

Match your Wood

Let's say for example oak. The wood grains and color of oak can vary quite a bit so match these as best you can. For the pieces that don't match use them in closets and less conspicuous places or places only you will see like the laundry room.

No Experience No Problem

If for example you are going to hang doors for the first time. Start in the back of the house or in a closet or less visible places. Have someone help it just makes everything go better with an extra set of eyes and hands. Take your time. Refer to the finish carpentry tips page for problems you may run into. Learn from your mistakes, the more doors you hang the better you will get.

Same goes with baseboard start in the closets, remember practice. If you don't get the corners perfect that's ok in unseen areas also keep in mind like in a bedroom a lot of times most of the inside corners are not visible because of furniture. On longer straight runs of baseboard where you have to join two pieces keep in mind the areas where you are putting these joints. Keep them close to corners where there may be furniture and out of the open. When mitering these long pieces together keep in mind the direction of the miter and match the grains as close as possible.

With windows a lot of time curtains or window dressings will cover up the trim. Again start in the bedrooms or where you think there may be curtains. In other words hide as much as you can. Also wood filler can hide imperfections. I have trained in a lot of people and these are some of the ways I use so they get plenty of practice.

Accurate measurements

When doing trim work, to obtain those perfect measurements, set the wood in place and mark the wood. It's quicker and much more accurate then using a tape measure for the precise cuts at joints and miters. I only use my tape when it is necessary.

Other Trim carpentry Advice

There are a lot of variables to contend with when doing trim carpentry. Practice, practice practice. Maintaining a good positive attitude really helps a lot. Take your time don't rush. Take breaks, read and understand the instructions thoroughly if you are following my page. E-mail me questions you may have about your trim work.

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