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Hand Tool Safety

Some Advice And Information For Hand Tool Safety

Hand tool safety should be recognized at all times. Finish carpentry does require the use of some hand tools and safety is key to not getting hurt. Inspect your hand tools daily and replace when necessary. Be aware of flying debris when using your hand tools. A flying chip of wood or metal could potentially cause blindness.

An example would be a piece of metal off of a mushroomed head of a chisel or punch. Safety glasses should be worn when using striking tools but I am fully aware also that sometimes this isn't possible so it is important to have tools in good condition. Basically observing tool safety will keep potential injuries down and nobody wants to get hurt.

Other Examples Of Observing Safety Would Be

Check your tools for broken or cracked handles.

Wear ear protection when you feel its appropriate for saving your hearing.

Be aware of people around you so as not to injure anyone else.

Do not use tools beyond their capability or use "cheaters" to increase their capacity.

keeping sharp blades in your knives. Sharp knives cut and perform easier and better than dull ones reducing accidents.

Use the correct tool for the job.

Know your tools and how to use them.

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