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Hitachi Power Tools

Hitachi Power Tools: A Guide to Pneumatics

Hitachi power tools are the epitome of durability. As a finish carpenter you know that all air guns are not created equal. If you are in the market for a new one you may want to consider using one of the models that Hitachi offers. Not only do they offer a variety of air nail guns but they offer guns that have the quality and performance that you are looking for.

Hitachi Sinks Them

One of things that aggravates me the most is when I have purchased a nail gun and then it does not sink the nail. Honestly, and I know if you have been around in this business long enough you have purchased an air nail gun that has done just that, especially on your harder woods. Then what do you do? You go in and turn the air pressure up on your compressor and you know the rest. the next thing you know you have blown out the seals rendering your nail gun useless. With a Hitachi I can tell you that I have never had one of their air nail guns fail to sink the nail. I have used soft woods like maple and hard wood like hickory. On the job site time is money and I have no interest in having to go back and sink nails because of a cheaper or just less quality tool did not do it the first time around.

Many Models of Hitachi Power Tools to Choose From

Hitachi offers a whole array of air nail guns to choose from. Their pneumatic line begins with your finish nail gun and works up to your roofing nail gun. What I like about Hitachi is their nail guns let you have many size nails to choose from. For example my finishing air gun gives me the choice of using 1/2" to 2" nails. This saves you money because you don't need to have different guns for different length nails.No matter what your specific needs are for a nail gun you can find one from Hitachi.

They also have other tools available. One great thing is they offer a line of compressors. They have a wide variety to choose from, and to run that compressor they also offer generators. There are three models available they range from an 8 HP to a 13 HP which gives you the option of 4,300 watts or up to 7,100 watts. So you can get your complete pneumatic set up from one manufacturer.When you are looking for high quality pneumatic tools I would recommend getting them from Hitachi. The Hitachi tools are very durable, will stand up to the rigors of the finish carpentry trade, and are reasonable priced. They do exactly what you need them to do which saves you time which puts more money into your pocket. They do over a variety of power tools that are not limited to only pneumatic but they all maintain the quality and durability that this line has to offer.

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